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Rob McEwen Interview: On Gold Prices, Gold Miners And Bitcoin MUX, TNR.v, GLD


  Rob McEwen is very active in the mass media these days and he has the very interesting story to tell.

McEwen Founder Mines for Buys

McEwen Founder: Gold to Run in 4Q

McEwen Mining Inc.: El Gallo Regional Exploration; Twin Domes Drilling Intersects Significant Near Surface Gold Mineralization MUX, TNR.v

"Rob McEwen delivers new explorations results from his new Twin Domes discovery in Mexico. 

"9.7 gpt Gold over 10.3 Meters - 17 Meters below Surface
5.0 gpt Gold over 16.8 Meters - 7 Meters below Surface
Twin Domes is located 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) northwest of the Company's El Gallo 1 heap leach mine (Fig. 1). Initial test results show that the gold mineralization at Twin Domes is potentially amenable to heap leaching, which would allow it to be processed at El Gallo 1. Ten additional core holes were completed in this recent drilling. Although it is early, McEwen Mining is highly encouraged by these results and believes Twin Domes could have a positive impact on the El Gallo 1 mine." 

  Higher Silver and Gold prices will provide future catalyst  for this developing story and these encouraging exploration results show the basis to grow the resources for McEwen Mining in Mexico and potentially process it at the existing facilities at El Galo 1 after the ongoing expansion."

Rob McEwen: Gold prices are going up in September MUX, TNR.v, GLD

"Rob McEwen is bullish on Gold and his call about the bottom in the gold market has proven to be right so far. Silver action is particularly important for McEwen Mining now as it provides the very high leverage to its operations." 

The country Rob discusses below is Cyprus - Forbes will change it hopefully.


Rob McEwen Interview: On Gold Prices, Gold Miners And Bitcoin

Rob McEwen is the CEO of McEwen Mining Inc. and the founder and former CEO of Goldcorp.  He’s well-known in the gold mining
The CEO and Chairman of US Gold Corporation an...
industry for being innovative and being a champion of an “owner’s mentality.”  He owns 25% of McEwen Mining and pays himself neither a salary nor a dividend.
He started Goldcorp in the late 1980s from nothing after formerly running a securities company.  By 2006, the company was worth over $30 billion.  In McEwen Mining, he sees the potential to take another junior miner to the big leagues.  The company’s stated goal is to become a member of the S&P 500 within the next few years.
Like all miners, McEwen Mining has been sold off in the last 6 months and especially in the last few weeks as gold prices have dropped precipitously.
McEwen has seen plenty of booms and busts over the course of his career.  I was interested to hear his perspective on what was going on in the markets when we chatted last week at his Toronto offices.  Here’s an edited transcript of our conversation:
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