Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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  We do not know when these kind of electric cars will become the reality on Indian roads, but the potential market is just too big to miss it. According to IEA half of the Oil demand in the period up to 2035 will come from China and India. Apart from Peak Oil, which will bring the Oil prices substantially higher, with the existing level of urban density of the population in China and India even the bigger worry will be the pollution. Drivers will be literally killing themselves and environment with ICE driven cars.

IEA: World Energy Outlook 2011: Crude could reach $150 and warns of Irreversible Climate Change in Five Years

"We are just coming out of the "Europe's  End of The World" scenario, all world economies are on the edge of recession, but Oil is moving closer to $100 again. We have a very sobering reminder from IEA about the real issues behind all recent events in the financial markets. There is NOT enough Oil for everybody left, Peak Oil is all about the price and transportation is driving this demand with half of the global oil demand coming from China only. By 2015 more cars will be manufactured outside of OECD. Oil prices can go up to $150 by 2015 in the real terms and $176 in the nominal terms. It will be the major risk for the global economy. Time is to check your Lithium portfolio."

Lithium Drive: China pushes ahead on Electric Cars

 "Now we have the latest news from China itself and how they are going to push Electric Cars forward. In their case Oil prices and security of Oil supply is extremely important, but another very powerful situation is in play as well. For the urban citizens in China the ability to breath the air which will not kill you is quite important these days. We are very encouraged to see that Shanghai will join Beijing now in providing the opportunity to its citizens to buy Electric Cars without the restrictions and the plates lottery in place for the conventional cars."
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