Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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"A Chevrolet Volt assembly line winds through the streets of Hamtramck, Michigan, a city within a city in the heart of Detroit. As the local workers build this pioneering extended-range electric vehicle, the citizens of this American manufacturing town look on filled with pride. For more information about Chevrolet Volt visit"

  GM is hitting back with new GM Volt ad campaign at the the moment of hearing in Congress. 


"General Motors Co. (GM), after a two- month federal safety investigation cleared its Chevrolet Volt plug-in vehicle of danger, is beginning a marketing effort to tout the car as safe and innovative.

Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson said in a full-page newspaper advertisement that the company “couldn’t be prouder” of the Volt ahead of his testimony at a U.S. hearing today. The Detroit-based automaker also introduced a new television spot that first appeared on News Corp.’s Fox News channel."
  How America can continue to innovate if even electric cars are the toys in politicians hands? Maybe they better tell everyone about the Real Price of Oil? We will run the best commercials for Chevy Volt today.

Lithium Drive: Warren Buffett: "In not many years, you are going to see a clear change towards Electric Cars"

  With 2011 coming to its end we would like to share these days major events from this year which will be defining our future. This future will be uncertain and unknown, but we can grasp the major trends already. It will be about the Energy Transition. This transition is not something that we just would like to do, but it is the only way to survive - it is what we have to do. We still can try and reverse the inevitable economic collapse and stop the Power Transition and biggest Wealth Transition in the mankind history. 

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Energy Trap: US gas bill to reach a new high of Half a Trillion this year.

Power goes to those who control Oil and our money goes to them as well. Do not believe that America does not have Energy Policy - it is very simple - To Get The Oil By Any Price. 

US Dollar Collapse: Price of Oil: Study: US Wars To Cost $6 Trillion 

  We all are paying this price. It is time to make the change, it will happen anyway, it is happening already. Shift of Power on geopolitical scale, ground based movements and calls for "Springs". We will all win if this power will go to create something new, not just to destroy. Big boys can not afford to live like nothing is happening any more, we need just to push them to accept that we know and demanding change and "lead" us in the "right direction. 

Peak Oil May 2011 U.S. House Session

  We are reaching the tipping point - it is impossible to hide the truth about the real Price of Oil and influence of Oil on all aspects of our life. We are doing our part here and need your help - share this information with others.

ABC Catalyst Peak Oil Report

You can have the different solution - talk about it. Share it with us. We have found ours - Electric Cars and all New Energy industry related to it. 

Lithium Drive: How to get off Oil: The State of Electric Vehicles in America

We call it Next Big Thing. We are investing in these companies, we are talking about them, we would like to be the part of this new Change.

Lithium Charge: Elon Musk on Renewables, Solar and Electric Cars

Lithium Drive: Shai Agassi on Green Transport in the 21st Century - Electric Cars


  With all "downsides" of this new technology - which is advancing very rapidly - we have the solution to Pollution, Peak Oil and Energy Security Today. 

Peak Oil: Getting Off Oil - A 50-State Roadmap for Curbing Our Dependence on Petroleum

We call for another "Manhattan" project here - if all resources were allocated to solving this problem this transition to Electric mobility could happen within few short years. Just consider trillions of dollars spent on wars and billions on protection of Oil line supplies.

Who will be Steve Jobs for Electric Cars now? R.I.P. and Thank you!

"We need the Manhattan project for the Electric Cars in our broken society and we need it right now - who can lead the world into the future?
Electric Cars industry gives Trillion market place business opportunity to fill. And we will throw again as with Apple iCar - Why Not?"

  Some people would like to remind us all the time that Electric Cars are "not clean" and that renewable energy comes at a price. We would like to share this great website with all of you. 

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