Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Lithium Drive: Renault Zoe electric car EV concept Video

If Renault Zoe will make its way to production in this design we will be very impressed. We need those long range new Lithium batteries now so much!

LIthium Jolt: IBM is developing 500 mile range lithium-air car battery

"Now IBM has joined the Lithium battery race - this announcement puts it on par withToyota developing its 1000 km Lithium battery and we are still looking for confirmation from German DBM Energy  about the progress to commercialise its Kolibri Lithium battery which is available now, according to the company."

Lithium Drive: Renault Fluence ZE – the best pure electric car yet?

  "Finally, Renault is making headlines with its promised Electric Revolution. "Normal car", but better one - this electric car has all chances to make EV revolution to take to the streets. Pricing at the level of the ICE car and lease of Lithium batteries is making it the real game changer."

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