Sunday, January 22, 2012

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  Some people would like to make you to believe that Electric Cars are to a very slow start - just wait until 2012 models will start hitting the streets!

Lithium Drive: Test Drive: The Fisker Karma

  "Fisker Karma is making rounds on the road and in mass media. Not everything is smooth, but it was never  supposed to be - it is the game changing and this technology is evolving as we speak now. Tesla Model S will bring another beauty - All Electric One - to the green mobility conversation this year. Nissan has sold now 10,000 Leafs in US and more than 20,000 world wide. We will see all sceptics in a few years time with gas north of 5 dollars!
  Project Nina from Fisker will open another opportunity for the mass market of Electric cars. GM Volt with Ampera in Europe will be taking their share of the market. Renault ZE promise the most affordable electric cars now with lithium battery lease - things are moving fast and Energy Secretary Steven Chu predictions about the price for the lithium batteries going down by 70% in 2015 will make this electric revolution happening for Real.

  While you are dreaming about Green High End luxury cars, other people are dreaming about the business opportunity this energy transition provides to our generation."

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