Monday, January 23, 2012

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  Electric Cars are not toys any more and Nissan Leaf has already proved its durability after tsunami in Japan last year. Technology will improve further, but already today we have the solution for the Energy Transition from Oil to more sustainable  renewable sources.

Lithium Drive: 10,000 sold! Nissan's Leaf makes electric vehicle history 

01/20/12 Despite falling a few hundred units short of its 10,000 unit target for the year, Nissan finally broke that barrier last week. Therefore becoming the first brand to ever reach the 10,000 unit mark in sales for a mainstream, mass-produced electric car.

  Next step is the security of supply of Lithium and Rare Earths in order to make electric Revolution possible. Our Top pick in lithium sector - International lithium Corp. is drilling its major Lithium Brine project in Argentina now.

International Lithium: 78 Metre Pegmatite Intersection Returns High Grade Lithium Mavis Lake - Fairservice Lithium and Rare Project, Ontario 

"We have a very impressive results from International Lithium Corp. today. Mavis Lake drill program has delivered the best Lithium intersections with high LI grades in Canada for the 2011 season at least! Project is growing into very promising discovery and other REM are to be reported later. Now we can see what Ganfeng Lithium was looking for during their 9 months DD on this company. Drills are primed now for Mariana Lithium and Potash project in Argentina and we hope it is only the beginning of the good news for this promising company.
  Company is very tightly held with 10% stake by Ganfeng Lithium and insiders hold more than 50% of the company. Insiders were only buying from the moment of spin out this company last May."

International Lithium Corp. ("ILC") a "Clean Tech" lithium resource developer with a global portfolio of lithium assets. It is 29% owned by TNR Gold Corp (TNR:TSX).

International Lithium Corp. ("ILC") currently holds highly prospective projects in the most prolific areas of the world for lithium and rare metals. ILC has recently secured a strategic investor, Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co Ltd, from China, with focus on advancing the core ILC projects.

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