Saturday, December 17, 2011

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2013 Ford C-Max Energi First LookAdding more fuel to the MPGe Wars, Ford announced the 2013 C-Max Energi and 2013 C-Max in Dearborn this week. The company made a few claims about its new pair of hybrids that might give the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt something to blow a fuse over.I talked with Chief C-Max Engineer John Davis about the car's highlights. Although there are no specs to speak of at the moment, Mr. Davis assured me that the Ford C-Max Energi (the plugin version of the C-Max Hybrid) will achieve a greater total range and MPGe number than the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius. He also said that the non-plugin C-Max Hybrid will be offered at the most affordable price the company has ever slapped on one of their hybrid models

IEA: World Energy Outlook 2011: Crude could reach $150 and warns of Irreversible Climate Change in Five Years

We are just coming out of the "Europe's  End of The World" scenario, all world economies are on the edge of recession, but Oil is moving closer to $100 again. We have a very sobering reminder from IEA about the real issues behind all recent events in the financial markets. There is NOT enough Oil for everybody left, Peak Oil is all about the price and transportation is driving this demand with half of the global oil demand coming from China only. By 2015 more cars will be manufactured outside of OECD. Oil prices can go up to $150 by 2015 in the real terms and $176 in the nominal terms. It will be the major risk for the global economy. Time is to check your Lithium portfolio.
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