Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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  Nissan Europe: "Our mid-term plan is to have 10s of thousand Quick Chargers by the middle of this decade" - it can be another game changer for electric cars. Charging technology is improving fast as well - new Quick Chargers are coming significantly cheaper and half the size. Industry wide standardisation will be the key to the wide spread electric mobility. Lithium batteries are promised to be better and cheaper as well - we have all ingredients in place for the Energy transition to start happening for real now.

Lithium Drive: The Nissan LEAF proves slick in wintry test drives in northern Japan

  "Electric Cars are not toys any more and Nissan Leaf has already proved its durability after tsunami in Japan last year. Technology will improve further, but already today we have the solution for the Energy Transition from Oil to more sustainable  renewable sources."

Lithium Drive: 10,000 sold! Nissan's Leaf makes electric vehicle history 

01/20/12 Despite falling a few hundred units short of its 10,000 unit target for the year, Nissan finally broke that barrier last week. Therefore becoming the first brand to ever reach the 10,000 unit mark in sales for a mainstream, mass-produced electric car.

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