Wednesday, January 04, 2012

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  Toyota's move into the Plug In space is very important for our Next Big Thing - Electric Cars and Lithium industry. For years Toyota has been dismissing the future for lithium ion batteries until Toyota Tsusho bought the stake in Orocobre Lithium and announced Prius Plug In with Lithium  battery. Toyota is the number one seller of Hybrids - Prius is the word on the street for any Hybrid now. We are following advance of RAV 4 EV with Tesla's power train and Toyota has a stake in Tesla Motors as well. 
  Recent news about the development of the new Lithium battery by Toyota are adding to the solid technological base for the future of Electric Cars and this advance will be the game changer for the electrification of our transportation.     It is the future from Toyota and it is Electric!

Lithium Jolt: Toyota Motor has developed a secondary electric car battery that can last up to 1,000 km per charge

"As with the latest news from Nissan about the 10 minute charger for the electric cars batteries information is very scarce at best so far. Both developments can be the game changer for the Electric Cars and make the mass market reality in the few short years.

  We can only guess that Toyota is talking about something similar to Lithium Metal Polymer Battery like the one developed by the DBM Energy from Germany. DBM Energy story in this light is getting even more intriguing - will they manage to survive on its own now and show the commercial roll out of  the wonder battery?

  Suggested cost of the batteries to be cut "one-fifth to one-tenth of the current level" will make the Electric Revolution possible overnight and the chart below will the reminder of the real power of technological progress in this case, when all our estimations will be proven to be too conservative."

  Chinese companies are following Japanese and buying stakes in Lithium developers in order to secure supply of strategic commodities for the electrification of transportation.

Mike Sieb, President of International Lithium Corp. “Lithium Exploration in Renowned ‘Lithium Belt’ of South America” Video Interview at Hard Assets SF

  "We have an interesting interview with Mike Sieb - President of International Lithium Corp. Insiders are only buying this stock and Chinese partner apparently has spent 9 months doing DD on this company. We are looking forward to the announced drill campaign at Mariana Lithium and Brine project in Argentina now."

Toyota NS4 Concept Teaser

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