Sunday, January 22, 2012

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  The North American International Auto Show is here in Detroit, and there's so much to see and do! We listened to you on Twitter and Facebook and covered not one but two electric vehicle companies (VIA Motors with their heavy duty trucks based and built right here in Detroit, and CODAAutomotive, American made from Los Angeles).. we also saw the younger side of the news, talking to the youth journalists at Youth Neighborhood News. Not sure where to eat when you're at the auto show, or not interested in the auto show at all this weekend? We have suggestions for that too if you're not into cars or want to do something else after visiting the wheels. Check out our suggestions that are in short walking distance. Let's also find out about the Ukranian Bandura! There's a doctor who also is very skilled at this traditional instrument from an important ethnic community here in Metro Detroit. And of course, special thanks to for the sweet threads for our host.

Correction: On our segment about CODA Automotive, the proper name should read Thomas Hausch, SVP of Sales Marketing and After-Sales of CODA Automotive.

Lithium Drive: Electric Cars presented at Brussels Motor Show 2012

  "Some people would like to make you to believe that Electric Cars are to a very slow start - just wait until 2012 models will start hitting the streets!"

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