Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lithium: You have delivery - by Elecric Van! TNR.v SQM, ROC, NSANY, DAI, TTM, BYD, F, GOOG, RM.v,, WLC.v, CLQ.v. FXI, HUI, XAU, OIL, OIH, AAPL,

Our Green Mobility Revolution is coming fast to our Door Steps with every new UPS delivery. If Electric Vans are suitable to be a working horses in hard load Urban Van auto space - models for personal "consumption" will be just fine. Please note that reliability of Electric Vans and their low cost maintenance are one of the selling point in this Green Mobility revolution. Do not forget about Economics of Electric Cars as well plus Zero Road Tax, Zero Congection Charge and Zero Commercial License Charge.

Future Proof
The vehicle requires minimal maintenance, for instance the motor only has three moving parts, meaning the unit is ‘sealed for life’ unlike most internal combustion engines.
The high strength steel chassis cleverly incorporates the vehicle’s battery pack and is designed to be future proof. This means that as battery technology evolves, the existing pack can be upgraded to suit, along with the potential to house future fuel cell units.
These features make the Modec truly innovative while making the electric vehicle a viable option to commer"

"Modec Van

Modec — Electric Van
These aren’t actually cars, or even consumer transportation. These electric van / trucks resemble the delivery vehicles you might see bringing vegetables to your local grocery.
Fuel type: All-electric
Price: $41KRange / top speed: 100 miles / 50mph
Release date: Available now
Modec is a zero emission commercial vehicle:- zero emissions- zero noise- zero congestion charge- zero operator licence- zero road tax
A Modec can do:- up to 100 mile range- 50 mph- 2 tonne payload
Recharging is simplicity itself.
Just get out, plug in and go home.
Tesco, Center Parcs, Hildon Water and many other major companies have already introduced Modecs to their fleets."

"Van maker Modec is first to win EU-wide sales approval

May 31 2009 by John Cranage, Birmingham Post
West Midland electric van maker Modec looks set to become the first in the sector to get approval to sell its vehicles throughout the European Union without the need for approval by individual countries.
The breakthrough is expected to be the springboard for a major expansion by the Coventry-based company headed by Lord (Jamie) Borwick.
It will see Modec, a recent winner of the monthly Birmingham Post Enterprise Award, granted full N2 EC Type-Approval for its battery-powered vans.
Approval is crucial to Modec’s internatonal expansion plans this year, the company said
Dealerships are being set up in the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain and Denmark, thanks to strong market demand for the unique electric commercial vehicle and purpose-built chassis.
The vehicle has completed the testing programme needed to qualify for N2 EC Type-Approval and the final paperwork is being processed to allow it go on sale in international markets.
The company went through the EU process with the help of the motor industry test centre at Millbrook and the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA).
Modec chief executive Bill Gillespie said: “The process has been rigorous and the level of testing required is significant.
“We thank Millbrook and the VCA for their support throughout the process. Modec strongly endorses the concept of European Type-Approval and encourages all electric vehicle manufacturers to undergo the same process.
“Expanding to European markets was part of the original Modec business plan. Many international businesses recognize the benefits of zero-emission Modec vehicles and demand continues to grow. N2 Type-Approval has enabled Modec to meet this demand and expand rapidly.”
Millbrook engineer Tony Soper said: “We are delighted to have been instrumental in helping Modec to achieve this Type-Approval, the first of its kind.
“With electric vehicles becoming more prevalent, Millbrook is in a prime position to offer Type-Approval facilities to manufacturers.”
A VCA spokesman said: “Modec has shown a progressive attitude in seeking to obtain EC WVTA at this early stage.”
Type-Approval is a process of ensuring that vehicles meet the required environmental and safety standards set down by the EU.
Historically, European Type-Approval has been available to passenger cars, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles. Other types of vehicle, including those powered by batteries, needed to gain Type-Approval from each individual member country.
But the rules were changed in April to enable all vehicles to win global European approval.
Modec began production in 2007 and now has over 150 vehicles on the road. Customers include Tesco, Marks & Spencer, FedEX, UPS and Network Rail.
Its vehicles are purpose-designed around a large, removable battery cassette which the company claims makes them “future proof” by allowing customers to “plug and play” with different battery capacities and chemistries as technology evolves.
Modec currently offers two batteries: a 60-mile range lithium-iron phosphate pack and a 100-mile “Zebra” sodium nickel chloride version. A higher range lithium-iron phosphate pack will be available later this year."
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