Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lithium: Anatomy of the Next Big Thing. TNR.v, SQM, Goog, TTM, BYD, GM, F, POT, CDNX, HUI, XAU, WLC.v, RM.v, CLQ.v, ESLR, AAPL

In order to be Big and Next our Thing must have a sexy look, but, as we all already know, real base for stable and productive relationships is inside - what kind of soul is driving this thing. Our dream investment is an Ink Factory for the FED, but they are using Comps for this now, so no early retirement for us and we are on the road.
Chart above is the Old Big Thing: Internet Advertisement: plenty of money were made - a lot was wasted by those late to the party. We are constantly searching during our journey for the Next Big Thing, when you can be in as early as possible. Old Dragon trick could help: does it smell like Dragon? Does it look like Dragon - then we have a chance, that it is our Dragon. All idea must be based on solid Economics and Electric Cars, according to Nissan, is at the top of the game as well.
Most bull markets have started when there was a significant fundamental displacement and destructive technology has emerged addressing this unsustainable conditions. We have identified for ourselves such a displacement and destructive technology: Peak Oil and Electric Cars. Next bubble to burst - is an unsustainable energy consumption and all western economies are built around it now. Lithium is becoming the matter of energy security and new oil for the next industrial revolution - mobility revolution based on electric cars. It is important that market for end users of our wonder product is growing and more and more participants are rushing in with necessarily technology, capital scale and government support.

TOKYO (Dow Jones)--Sanyo Electric Co. (6764.TO) said Thursday that will build a new facility to make lithium-ion batteries in western Japan, which is slated to start production from 2011.
The move is in line with the Osaka-based company's plan to tap into the promising next-generation automobile battery business.
Sanyo said it will spend Y190 billion on solar and rechargeable batteries over the news three years.
A lithium-ion battery outperforms the currently common nickel metal hydride battery used in hybrid vehicles, with its smaller size and bigger energy capacity.
-By Juro Osawa, Dow Jones Newswires; 813-5255-2929; "

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