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Lithium: TNR Gold Interviewed by CBC News, Industrial Minerals UK, & Clif Droke. TNR.v, CDNX, SQM, GOOG, BYD, TTM, ESLR, FXI, AAPL, RIMM, GM, F, WLC.v

"Most bull markets have started when there was a significant fundamental displacement and destructive technology has emerged addressing this unsustainable conditions. We have identified for ourselves such a displacement and destructive technology: Peak Oil and Electric Cars. Next bubble to burst - is an unsustainable energy consumption and all western economies are built around it now. Lithium is becoming the matter of energy security and new oil for the next industrial revolution - mobility revolution based on electric cars."
Now, as we can see from these interviews, we should have no doubt about ambitions of this Junior to become the part of our Next Big Thing. Clif Droke's article gives us a better sense of direction of the company and next potential developments:
"An in-depth interview with the President and CEO of TNR Gold, a promising gold and copper exploration and production company that recently entered the lithium market and is positioning itself to become a global leader in this field."
The most important question outstanding now is how TNR Gold will be able to implement its strategy of keeping dilution to a minimum in company itself and developing projects based on J/V model. Do we have a sense of Silicon Valley coming here in Vancouver? Is the Incubator back in fashion now in Hard Assets space? Idea of positioning Subsidiaries to a different investors groups and J/V partners focused on particular commodity and/or geopolitical environment is interesting and will allow the company more flexibility in financing options and keep TNR Gold with its Core Team as a Holding Company. Are these guys serious about building value based on multi year Exploration cycle we are going to write about next? New Los Azules found in Lithium, but without legal hassle will make our book a bestseller - we will buy it out from the print and send to all subscribers by the effective date to be announced later. Will the company be able to tap new investors from CleanTec and Green Energy edge, when valuations will be based not on the depressed levels of Canadian Venture Exchange, but on the potential of building an Important player in still very small Lithium Exploration space? Will the company be able to bring its message across the markets and raise necessary financing at the reasonable level, CEO is talking about? Recent media activity shows that company is getting back onto the radar screens of industry insiders and company insiders actions look like being in favor of this proposition and they are increasing their stake in the company.

Looking at the recent "resurgence" of the TNR Gold TNR.v, as Clif Droke has put, share price already made some shareholders happy from recent low of 0.03CAD. President Gary Schellenberg beams confidence and, maybe, we can use here Jim Cramer's - "is this recent run too fast to be true or Company share price should never be really that low in the begining". Is it time to be worried at these price level, that any of the future potential could be gone with aggressive acquisition proposal of Big Guys involved: Xstrata, Robert McEwn from Minera Andes MAi.v or Lukas Lundin from The New Lundin Group Exploration Company? According to company's presentation shares are very tightly held with big industry names involved. Mr Market has given us one more chance to study this classic situation of value dislocation, but whether our brave theories will be write you will be able to find out from future posting. As always, keep your eyes on the ball CS, watch "Balls of Fury" and always read the fine print.

"May 15th, 2009
TNR Gold Interviewed by CBC News, Industrial Minerals UK, & Clif Droke

TNR Gold. Interviewed by CBC New, IndMin UK, & Clif Droke
Vancouver B.C.: TNR Gold Corp. (“TNR” or the “Company”) has recently been invited to be part of a Industrial Mineral UK’s Focus of the Week feature. Industrial Minerals UK is a prominent publication (online and print) in Europe. For the last 40 years Industrial Minerals has been a landmark in the non-metallic minerals sector for professionals. Industrial Minerals also boasts a global team of dedicated journalists and consultants reporting on news and latest prices. TNR is proud to be featured as their Focus of the Week.Interview linked below (IndMin is a subscription-only service for professionals)
Following TNR’s acquisition of Moose 2 project in Northwest Territory, located strategically near Avalon Rare Metal’s Thor Lake, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) News has also requested an interview from TNR Gold. CBC has been a trusted source of Canadian news and developments since 1930s, and is the largest media news media network in Canada. Full article provided below:
TNR is also very pleased to provide an in-depth update to Mr. Clif Droke and his subscribers. Mr. Droke is the editor of the 3-times weekly Momentum Strategies Report which covers U.S. Equities and forecasts individual stocks, short & medium term, using unique proprietary analytical methods and securities lending analysis. He is the author of several technical trend analysis books including the recent “Turnaround Trading/Investing”.The interview has been graciously provided by Mr. Clif below.
ABOUT TNRTNR is a diversified metals exploration company focused on identifying new prospective projects globally and upon approval of the Ireland applications will have a total portfolio of 30 properties, of which 13 will be subject to the proposed spin-off of International Lithium Corp.The recent acquisition of Lithium projects in Canada, USA and Ireland confirms the company’s commitment to project generation, market diversity, and building shareholder value. TNR proposes to spin-out its lithium and rare metals projects into its wholly owned British Columbia subsidiary International Lithium Corp. (“Int. Lithium Corp” Upon completion of the transfer of the lithium and rare metals projects to Int. Lithium Corp., TNR intends to distribute up to 75% of the securities of Int. Lithium Corp. to TNR shareholders (the “Spin-Out Transaction”). Application will also be made to list the shares of Int. Lithium Corp. on the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”). Please see TNR’s news release dated April 27, 2009 for complete details of the proposed spin-out.
On behalf of the board,Gary SchellenbergPresident"
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