Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hitachi Announces World's Highest Power Density Lithium Ion Battery. TNR.v, SQM, ROC, TTM, BYD, DAI, NSANY, GOOG, AAPL, RIMM, ESLR, WLC.v, RM.v, CLQ.v

John Doerr compares Green Energy to Internet and calls it Next Big Thing, Obama pushes eco standards for auto producers and Jim Cramer screams Buy SQM - Lithium producer.
Could it be any better then that? Big names are rushing in the hot sector and we are proud to be part of the Investment Opportunity of the centre according to GE CEO Jeffrey Immet with our investments in future of secure Lithium supply.
Automakers and Technological companies are securing their places in the Bull market of Green Mobility revolution and Electric car Lithium Race. We are positioning ourselves in Lithium Junior plays.

"Hitachi Announces World's Highest Power Density Lithium Ion Battery.

"New Hitachi battery offers 1.7 times more power while being smaller and lighter than previous generations
One of the key areas of research for alternative power sources for vehicles is in batteries. As batteries become more powerful, smaller, and lighter, the range of electric and hybrid vehicles will increase making them more viable alternatives for drivers.Hitachi is one of the companies pouring much research time and money into developing new battery technologies for the automotive and other industries. Hitachi Ltd. and Hitachi Vehicle Energy Ltd. announced a new battery development this week that offers the world's highest power density lithium-ion battery.The new fourth generation battery has 4,500W/kg power density; Hitachi reports that number is about 1.7 times the output of its mass production automotive lithium-ion batteries currently in use. The company says that the new batteries will be sampled to domestic and overseas carmakers starting this fall.The impressive gains in power output for the new battery are thanks to a new manganese cathode and a Hitachi original battery structure. The original structure uses thinner electrodes, a new power collection method, and more effective configurations.The battery technology could also see adoption by the consumer electronics industry as a replacement for current notebook and cell phone batteries. Hitachi is currently delivering a lithium-ion battery for the automotive and railway industry that offers 2,600 W/kg power density.A third generation lithium-ion battery that has a power density of 3,000W/kg will go into mass production in 2010.In automotive applications, lowering the weight and size of batteries is as important as higher power densities. Longer driving ranges can be realized on electric and hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius by reducing weight and/or improving the power density of batteries."

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