Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lithium: BASF to develop 350-mile e-car 'super battery' TNR.v, SQM, DAI, TTM, BYD, GM, F, RIMM, GOOG, AAPL, ESLR, OIL, OIH, HUI, XAU, WLC.v, RM.v,

Who will win Lithium batteries race and make money out of best technology? We do not know and that is why we are choosing to invest in the New Oil - Lithium itself as a commodity for the 21st century.

"BASF to develop 350-mile e-car 'super battery'

Lithium-sulphur to rain on lithium-ion from great height
By Alun TaylorGet more from this author
19th May 2009 11:38 GMT
Leccy Tech German firm BASF and US company Sion Power have agreed to co-develop a battery technology with the potential to deliver five times the capacity of a conventional lithium-ion battery of the same size.
The battery is based on lithium-sulphur chemistry, which Sion’s been tinkering with for some time. Now it's time to take the technology and put it to practical use.
Enter BASF, and a partnership designed to “accelerate the commercialisation of Sion Power’s proprietary lithium-sulphur battery technology... for the electric vehicle market”.
Should we care? Yes, because Li-S batteries are said to have a very high specific energy density, roughly 2600Wh/kg. They're also said to perform better than lithium-ion batteries at low temperatures, and are made from cheaper and less toxic raw materials.
There are catches. Cycle life has always been one of the traditional problems with Li-S batteries. A 2600Wh/kg battery is a great idea on paper – but not if it will only take a charge 150 or 200 times before giving up the ghost.
This is BASF's role: to help address the lifespan problem while Sion continues working on upping the battery’s energy density.
Even a 500Wh/kg Li-S battery with a Li-ion life cycle would provide more than twice the energy density of existing EV batteries. This would open up the possibility of e-cars chugging for 350 miles, or further, on a single charge.
When it'll happen is anyone's guess - no further details about the project’s timescale have been released. ®"
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