Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lithium: Daimler takes stake in US electric car maker Tesla. TNR.v, SQM, TTM, BYD, DAI, GM, F, GOOG, ESLR, RIMM, AAPL, WLC.v, CLQ.v, RM.v, FXI,

Electric cars became a serious game with serious players today. With Daimler we can be sure that driving will be smooth, safe and on offer will be not an Electric Vacuum Cleaner. We are coming to mass production of High End Brand Electric cars here. All the right things are said: Power of brand, Teslas's batteries technology multiplied by Daimler auto building history: safety, crash tests, mass production, speed to market and global sale force. Slow speaking Germans are taking Next Big Thing in their capable hands: it is not a speculation any more - they will make it a reality.
Important to notice: Lithium based batteries are the choice, they are safe and non toxic, suitable for land fill, but will never be there as they have a residual value.

"Associated Press
Daimler takes stake in US electric car maker TeslaBy MATT MOORE , 05.19.09, 08:34 AM EDT
The stake's value was not disclosed, but Weber said it was in the double-digit millions.
Thomas Weber, research and development chief at Daimler's Mercedes-Benz Cars unit, said the stake will let the two companies work more closely on developing better battery and electric drive systems for vehicles destined for the consumer market.
Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said in a statement that the partnership would help it bring the Tesla Model S car to production faster and "ensure that it is a superlative vehicle on all levels."
As part of the deal, Daimler vice president Herbert Kohler will take a seat on Tesla's board of directors.
Daimler, along with other automakers, is working on developing more battery and electric-powered cars. Earlier this year, it founded the Deutsche Accumotive GmbH, a joint venture with Evonik Industries AG.
Daimler has been testing a fleet of 100 electric-powered Smart fortwo cars in London and, later this year, will start production of up to 1,000 of the cars at its assembly plant in Hambach, France."

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