Thursday, May 07, 2009

Gold:Textbook perfect Trade by Masters. RMK.v,, TNR.v, BTT.v, GBN.v, SBB.v, MGN,, SNU.v, SGC.v, ASM.v, EPZ.v, KTN.v, VTR.v, HUI, XAU,

Today's Financial Times has Gold on its front page and then again a full page of Gold articles. Normally it will be a sign of a Top, but wait: things could be very different this time. You have to answer a few questions for your own investment ideas: what has happen last weeks that we have particularly now this strong message about the Gold and its Bullish case? We will give you three reasons and you can chose the best one:

1. FT editors are following this Blog and read our Crash Alerts:

It is a lot of dots to connect and if it is tiring, please, invest safely in deposits under CFA supervision.

2. Prayers of all Gold Bugs were finally answered.

We do not have any links here.

3. Masters of the universe have positioned their Trade according to some rumours.

Here we have only one rumour to report. A lot of buzz about IMF Gold Sale was very handy here to keep a lid on the price for a while, but Chinese must have spoiled the whole idea. Sometimes when the tide is coming and you can not stop it anymore it is better be in a boat or in a nice Yacht in this case, but who really cares what Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are doing the market?

Reasons 2 and 3 could be very provoking, but are weak on evidence and desire to investigate the case. We will put our vote on 1 and are waiting from publishers our book contract.

Gold sales cost Europe’s central banks $40bn
By Javier Blas in London
Published: May 6 2009 23:31 Last updated: May 7 2009 08:55

Central banks succumb again to bullion’s lure
By Javier Blas in London and Patti Waldmeir in Shanghai.
Published: May 6 2009 23:31 Last updated: May 6 2009 23:31

Beijing bets on bullion
By Patti Waldmeir in Shanghai
Published: May 6 2009 23:31 Last updated: May 6 2009 23:31

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