Friday, February 10, 2012

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  Electric Cars are not toys any more. It is happening now - do not miss Next Big Thing in action!

  Elon Musk: "Nothing is Impossible" we like this motto for Electric Cars! After his claim in "Revenge of Electric Car": "We will not stop untill All Cars Will Be Electric" you can be assured that you are sharing the historic moment these days. Tesla promise to make us for the Auto Industry what Apple did for computing, mobiles and music. 

Who will be Steve Jobs for Electric Cars now? R.I.P. and Thank you!

"Our Hero is gone and we are paying our respect to him for everything what Steve Jobs has done for us. He will live in so many real and virtual "things" we "touch" every day in our life now, he has changed the world and made the very high bar to reach for any human. He has connected us to the WEB on the go. We can access, connect, store and use the Information on the move in Style thanks to him and Enjoy every moment of famous "Apple's customer experience". We need it so much for our Next Big thing - Electric Cars dreamz now...We will deeply miss him.

  We were always hoping that he will make his entrance into the Electric Cars space - he was always up to the magnitude of this task - to change the world one more time.
   He did not have a lot of time left to do it. Who will take his place now in our Lithium Dreamz? Elon Musk and his Tesla has a very good chance to make it. Or maybe it will be Google guys with their billions of cash and drive to change the world? Or maybe Apple with Steve Jobs' legacy can still make it? Will it be Facebook or Twitter who will connect us again in physical space and make our freedom possible in the post carbon world?
  We need the Manhattan project for the Electric Cars in our broken society and we need it right now - who can lead the world into the future?

Electric Cars industry gives Trillion market place business opportunity to fill. And we will throw again as with Apple iCar - Why Not?"

"Model X is designed from the ground up to blend the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan, as only an electric car can. It is an automobile above category, built around the driver—and six of her friends. It artfully provides unfettered performance and brilliant functionality."

  We would like to make our part in this history and we believe in the Next Big Thing - Electric Cars. We are supporting here new and upcoming dreamers who are building the future in supply of critical metals and commodities to make this dream happen. One of them is the International Lithium Corp.

Extensive Brines in Sand Rich Layers Intersected at International Lithium's Mariana Lithium-Potash Brine Project, Argentina

"International Lithium came out with another very promising set of exploration results - this time it is geological results from its major project: Lithium and Potash Salar brine in Argentina. Now the chemistry analysis will be the most important in order to put this project on the map of the potential sources of Lithium for the Next Big Thing - Electric Cars."

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