Thursday, February 23, 2012

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  Oil Empire strikes back again? Every time when we have the potential breakthrough in Lithium Batteries technology and Oil prices are driving Gas prices up - we have a "news" about polluting Electric Cars or devastating battery technology flaws. For us, all these signs are very encouraging. Who would fight so hard the Electric Cars nobody wants? We are at the tipping point now for the mass adoption of electric cars.
   Why is there such a fear of Tesla's advance and Elon Musk's determination particularly now? Big money are at stake - as usual. Please do not make any mistake: Tesla talks about Real Breakthrough in the economics of Electric Cars now - cost of Lithium Batteries below 200 dollars per 1 kWh - it means mass market for electric cars. The real danger for the establishment is not Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X - they will show that technology exist for the premium car market, but danger of fast entry to mass market electric cars produced by Toyota and Mercedes Benz. Both companies are shareholders in Tesla Motors and both are developing electric cars with Tesla power train and battery systems. Toyota RAV 4 EV will be soon on the roads and Mercedes Benz has just announced another J/V program with Tesla.

Lithium Game Changer: Battery cost dropping below $200 per kWh soon, says Tesla Elon Musk

"We have another report on dramatic Lithium Game Changer for the Electric Cars mass market applications. This time it is from Elon Musk and as reported by AutoBlogGreen, who confirms previous estimations that prices for Lithium Batteries can drop to $200 per kWh in the nearest future. 
  How significant is it? Coupled with rumors  about potential breakthrough in Lithium Batteries technology for the mass market electric cars from Renault, it means that Renault Zoe with 220 miles range can have 35 kWh battery at a cost price of $7,000."

Lithium Game Changer: 2014 Renault Zoe pure-electric car could have 220 mile range

"We have a very interesting report from Charging Point in Europe. Could it be true? We will be searching for confirmation. The price for the Lithium Battery lease should go up in this case, but it will be the small price to pay for the range of 220 miles, which will be comparable to Tesla Model S premium specification, but in the budget market sector! If Renault Zoe price can stay in the £15k range  - it will be the best entry point on cost basis and the game changer for the Electric Cars. We can start to talk about the mass market for Electric Cars!"


Tesla Dismisses Report of ‘Bricked’ Roadsters

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