Saturday, February 04, 2012

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In the very near future will we all be driving electric cars? That's a question that only 10 years ago seemed like a dream, but today with all electric cars like the 2012 Nissan Leaf, it doesn't seem so far fetched. Of course unlike, gasoline powered cars, electric cars can;t be filled up at your local gas station in a few minutes. Once they run our of are well and truly stuck. This is called range anxiety and it can be all too real. We decide to find out just how real by spending a day in the life of the all new Nissan Leaf.

Lithium Drive: The Nissan LEAF proves slick in wintry test drives in northern Japan

"Electric Cars are not toys any more and Nissan Leaf has already proved its durability after tsunami in Japan last year. Technology will improve further, but already today we have the solution for the Energy Transition from Oil to more sustainable  renewable sources."

Chevy Volt "Aliens" | Super Bowl XLVI Ads | Chevrolet Commercial

"With all "downsides" of this new technology - which is advancing very rapidly - we have the solution to Pollution, Peak Oil and Energy Security Today. 

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