Monday, February 20, 2012

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  Robert Liewellyn is launching his Fully Charged with the new sponsorship and promise us even more interesting conversations about Electric Cars and Alternative Power to generate Energy for them. This time now can be much close than you think.

Lithium Game Changer: 2014 Renault Zoe pure-electric car could have 220 mile range

"We have a very interesting report from Charging Point in Europe. Could it be true? We will be searching for confirmation. The price for the Lithium Battery lease should go up in this case, but it will be the small price to pay for the range of 220 miles, which will be comparable to Tesla Model S premium specification, but in the budget market sector! If Renault Zoe price can stay in the £15k range  - it will be the best entry point on cost basis and the game changer for the Electric Cars. We can start to talk about the mass market for Electric Cars!
  We have found the link to the French magazine and have posted it below. Article has sighted 350 km range for Renault Zoe  2014. Here is a very interesting connection - Germany has a target of 350 km range for the Electric Cars to make its mainstream adoption viable. Can Renault somehow get hold of DBM Energy technology? Or is it an in-house development? This news has to be confirmed by the company on all counts, but if it is true - we can talk about the breakthrough in commercial applications of Lithium Batteries for Electric cars. Europe electric cars market adoption rate can take off very fast in this case, Gas prices there are already over 8 dollars per gallon! All games around Iran will be ended in even higher gas prices at the pump. In US there are more and more talks about the 5 dollars per gallon at the pump now."

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