Monday, February 06, 2012

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BMW takes a next step towards zero-emission mobility. In 2010 company already represented the Active E concept. Now it's reality. An electric car based on 1 Series will b built as test fleet of more than 1000 cars at the factory in Leipzig. Testing of Active E will start this year in Europe, the USA and China.

Lithium Drive: New BMW i8 i3 1st TV Car Commercial Electric Hybrid Concept 2011 

"Electric Cars - Mission Impossible? - Not if BMW is in Charge!

Lithium Drive: BMW Electric Cars in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Trailer 

"We have another marketing blast from BMW i Electric Cars division. Fisker Karma is a "star" on "Two And A Half Men" now and BMW will blow your mind with electric cars and supercharged Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4. This technology will take us all by surprise how fast people will start to adopt it. Electric Cars are Cool, not toys any more and they are here to stay now.

Lithium Drive: How to get off Oil: The State of Electric Vehicles in America

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