Friday, February 03, 2012

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"The two-seater Emerg-e is Infiniti's first-ever car to offer an extended-range electric drivetrain -- basically an electric motor drives the wheels but a petrol engine provides charge when the battery gets low."

Chevy Volt "Aliens" | Super Bowl XLVI Ads | Chevrolet Commercial

"With all "downsides" of this new technology - which is advancing very rapidly - we have the solution to Pollution, Peak Oil and Energy Security Today. 

Peak Oil: Getting Off Oil - A 50-State Roadmap for Curbing Our Dependence on Petroleum

We call for another "Manhattan" project here - if all resources were allocated to solving this problem this transition to Electric mobility could happen within few short years. Just consider trillions of dollars spent on wars and billions on protection of Oil line supplies."
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