Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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  Electric Cars are here and more are coming - it is time to endorse the idea and move forward from Oil addiction. Maybe Steve Jobs will help us all one day as well to move into post carbon society in style.

"It is inevitable - the move out of Oil - we can chose now and try to make it more or less manageable and smooth and we have technology to do it. Electric Cars provide this opportunity. Price of Oil, properly accounted for all wars to keep it running and all military expense to protect the ocean supply lines is already much higher than the 100 dollars per barrel. This move will happen anyway, whether particular companies and their hired politicians want it or no - the question is when and at what price. The longer we all wait the higher the total cost of this transition will be.
  For us it is the same situation as with Gold and Silver ten years ago - the forces of supply and demand and real economics will be driving this Bull, which can not be controlled even by Almighty FED. According to the admission of Mr Bernanke: "FED can not print Oil."
  Listen to the James Dines and study your post carbon future with strategic commodities at the base of the Next Industrial Revolution: Rare Earths and Lithium."
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