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"Resourcex Investor: International Lithium Corp. Ready to Succeed with Chinese Lithium Strategic Partner. It is time for TNR Gold to tell its story and it started to make rounds before International Lithium IPO with Chinese Ganfeng Lithium as the strategic partner. Hopefully, company will be up to the races now in Lithium space and investors will take notice of its portfolio, management and partners. 
  Record date is still to be announced by the company and now in addition to TNR Gold shares all shareholders by the Record Date will be entitled to receive International Lithium units - 1 ILC unit for every 4 TNR Gold shares held. Each unit will consist of 1 ILC share and 1 ILC warrant for two years with 0.375 exercise price.

  It can be the easy way to participate in the ILC IPO with the big Chinese boys by buying TNR Gold shares before the record date."

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TNR Gold (TSXV:TNR) Spins Off International Lithium - Featured in a Report by - Video Summary Posted on

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Thu May 5, 2011 5:16pm EDT

Vancouver, British Columbia, May 5, 2011 - Nathan Pearson's ResourceXInvestor issued a report on International Lithium Corp. Not yet public, International Lithium is in the process of being spun-off from its parent company, TNR Gold (TSXV:TNR). has produced a video summarizing this report. The video can be viewed at this link. If the link is not enabled, please visit and enter "International Lithium" in the search box.

Highlights from the report:

International Lithium Corp., conceived two years ago to capitalize on the burgeoning demand in green technology has been carefully guided and nurtured over the intervening period and is set to arrive on the international stage as a leading exploration company focused on Lithium and Rare Metals.

By separating TNR's rare metals properties, and holding them within International Lithium, the company expects to capitalize on the increased investor interest in the Lithium and Rare Metals sector.

Each shareholder of TNR Gold will receive 1 unit of International Lithium for every 4 shares of TNR Gold owned on the record date, which is expected to be announced shortly.

International Lithium also intends to raise a minimum of $2.5 million by way of $0.25 units, to provide the new company with sufficient capital to satisfy Exchange requirements for the new listing, as well as fund a $1 million drill program. All the units issued will consist of 1 share and 1 share purchase warrant, with each warrant entitling the holder to purchase 1 additional common share at a price of $0.375 for a period of 2 years.

International Lithium holds 16 highly prospective projects in 8 areas of the world known for lithium and rare metals, including the highly prospective Mariana lithium brine project in the mining friendly province of Salta, Argentina. The famous South American "Lithium Belt", an 800 kilometres by 300 kilometre north-south strip centred on the junction of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile that is host to the vast majority of lithium resources, reserves and production in the world. The Mariana lithium brine salar (salt lake) ranks as one of the more prominent features within this belt.

Salars consist of layers of evaporate minerals and sediment containing minerals dissolved in brines such as lithium, boron and potassium that remain in solution and can be readily pumped to the surface for processing.

The Mariana project consists of several contiguous claims with the company holding an option to acquire a 100% interest, extending over 160 squared kilometres and strategically encompassing the entire salar.

This last fact is fairly unique in comparison to other lithium explorers and developers in the area that share, sometimes piecemeal, multiple company claim holdings within one salar. The strategic advantage of the ability to pump unheeded from a singled-owner lithium brine reservoir versus a scenario where multiple companies are competing and extracting from one brine resource is highly coveted.

In addition to the Mariana project, the company has three lithium brine projects in Nevada, located in adjacent valleys to the Silver Peak operation in Clayton Valley, sole lithium brine producer in North America, which has been in operation since 1966.

ResourceX states that demand for lithium carbonate equivalent just for batteries in vehicles will reach 100,000 tonnes by 2025, and with the lithium market ranging between $4,500 and $6,000 per tonne, the extraction of lithium from salt lakes in Argentina and Chile appears to be a very lucrative business model.

The company's portfolio of projects and technical exploration team has caught the eye of a strategic Asian-based investor. Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium, a leading China-based multi-product lithium manufacturer, has committed to a strategic investment consisting of an initial 9.9% equity stake in the new company.

"The involvement of a strategic investor from the outset has been the goal that we have diligently worked towards since first announcing the spin-out of International Lithium", stated Gary Schellenberg, TNR Gold's CEO. "The strategic investor not only offers significant support in our future endeavors but attest to the credibility of International Lithium's management, technical group and ultimately our projects' potential."

For a more information on International Lithium please visit their website at, phone Jerry Huang at 604-687-7551, or email

For a copy of the report, please visit

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