Monday, August 23, 2010

Gold and Copper in Africa: Sunridge Gold is on fire today: SGC.v,,, CZX.v, TNR.v, RM.v, GG, NEM, FCX,,,, MGN,,

Sunridge Gold is on the move today, it is our second rocket after Almaden Minerals in the last couple of weeks, something is boiling on in this one...

"Even Lithium can not cure depression all the time: this summer we have a lot of market worries and vacation time always puts some pressure on our favorite juniors. Mr Market gives us another opportunity and the time has come to pick up new samples for our collection. We have, one more time, just checked Warren Buffet: Buy when nobody wants. Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students...Image via Wikipedia

Now we have quite a few tasty juniors in the market for this exercise. Companies like Goldstone Resources, Sunridge Gold, NGeX Resources and Almaden Minerals, but with Almaden that time has past with announced results and the stock is up almost 100% from Nobody Wants Time...two weeks ago. You can never be sure which one will be next, but when the insiders are buying you have a few odds in your favour. Two other stocks that we are following here are particularly interesting from this point of view: TNR Gold and Canada Zinc Metals. TNR Gold is moving forward with its spin out of International Lithium corp. and its major shareholder has made another acquisition of shares just few weeks ago and Canada Zinc Metals is now trading more then 20% below of placement price announced by its Chinese major shareholder as well. Richard Mills in his article below gives a very good picture on summer junior market trade and a very important big picture view with Dow:Gold ratio. He is following TNR Gold with International Lithium as well on his website."

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