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Lithium Spark: Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in goes into production TNR.v, CZX.v, RM.v, TSLA, LIT, LIT.v, LI.v, CLQ.v, WLC.v,, RES.v, BYDDY, GM, F, NSANY, FCX, RTP, BHP,

Even if the mighty Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in will not bring our EV mass market - it will still deliver the required message about EVs. What today is very expensive technology will be tomorrow as our standard accepted option. While the Germans are playing with their Hybrids and Plug-in in the high end market, the Chinese are priming EV mass market for mass adoption in the nearest future:

"Nothing will be left to chance in this methodical execution of a state-level plan in China: transformation of the country's transportation system into the base of 21st century clean tech industrial revolution to further power its rise. China has already surpassed Japan as the second largest economy in the world and has become the largest auto market now.
  Now you can see a few details of the state-level planing in China: they have capital to invest with reserves over Two Trillion US Dollars, thousand of engineers with annual salaries compared to monthly ones in the West and, the most important, political will to implement the far going geopolitical plan to get rid off the Oil Hook. We are out of the politics and our idea is to define Macro trends and position ourselves early enough to capitalise on it.
  The last piece in this game against Peak Oil (or fading American domination connected to the control of oil in the world) is to have secure supply of strategic commodities for this technological advance. Here China already controls 97% of market in Rare Earth Elements and now it is time to build up position in Lithium. If in the beginning of Lithium Bull last year mostly Japanese companies were very active in junior mining space where small companies are controlling resources, now more and more reports from the juniors suggesting that Chinese companies are on the road."

Argentina&Mining 101:

Part of the Geneva Motor Show, the 918 Spyder concept offered Porsche looks and Prius mileage–more specifically, the plug-in hybrid Spyder was offering quotes of up to 78 miles per gallon–and that got most everybody interested. And now, almost five months later, Porsche is taking the concept car into full-bore reality.

GENEVA - MARCH 02:  Michael Macht, chief execu...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Originally, the 918 Spyder boasted two 109 horsepower motors and a lithium ion battery, with a 500 horsepower V8 gas engine to back things up. Word is that the original concept powertrain won’t be significantly altered, and though no one yet knows when these will hit dealerships, we do have an idea of the price tag. You’ll want to be sitting down for this.

If the $100,000 all-electric and very sporty Tesla didn't get that message across, then maybe a plug-in hybrid Porsche will do the trick.

On Wednesday, Porsche announced it would go ahead with development of a plug-in Porsche 918 Spyder to be built in Germany. The car will be based on the 500-horsepower V8 concept car Porsche showed off at the Geneva Motor Show this spring.

Using its combustion engine and electric motor in racing mode, that two-seater, midengine Spyder had a top speed of 198 miles per hour and could go 0 to 60 in under 3.2 seconds. In economy driving mode, it was capable of 113 miles to the gallon.

The company said it decided to move forward with development because of the "overwhelming response" to its concept car.

The new plug-in Spyder will be built in a limited edition, reflecting the expectation that, while it's a very flashy car, it will be too expensive for the masses.

Although Porsche will announce pricing later, the electric Spyder is expected to cost far more than the Tesla.

The production model is set to cost as much as $650,000.

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