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Gold in Africa: Sunridge Gold drills 52 m of 0.97 g/t Au at Adi Rassi SGC.v, NSU.to, NGQ.to, NEM, AUY, GG, ABX, GDX, SLV, HUI, XAU, FCX,

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Sunridge Gold drills 52 m of 0.97 g/t Au at Adi Rassi

2010-07-06 08:14 ET - News Release

Mr. Michael Hopley reports


Sunridge Gold Corp. has released results from reassays of drill core from four diamond drill holes conducted by a previous operator at the Adi Rassi copper-gold prospect within the Asmara project in Eritrea. The holes were drilled by Golden Star Resources in 1996 at Adi Rassi, but only short select intervals of the core had previously been sampled and assayed. Adi Rassi is located within the exploration areas and is part of the joint venture exploration financing agreement with Antofagasta Minerals SA.

Highlights from the reassayed drill core from Adi Rassi include:

20.0 metres (from 116.0 m to 136.0 m) of 0.09 gram per tonne gold and 0.90 per cent copper in ARBH-1 and 8.0 m (from 160.0 m to 168.0 m) of 0.15 g/t gold and 1.02 per cent copper;

24.0 m (from 90.0 m to 114.0 m) of 1.43 g/t gold and 1.34 per cent copper in ARBH-2, including 14.0 m (from 100.0 m to 114.0 m) of 2.39 g/t gold and 1.86 per cent copper;

52.0 m (from 86.0 m to 138.0 m) of 0.97 g/t gold and 0.62 per cent copper in ARBH-3, including 8.0 m (from 114.0 m to 122.0 m) of 2.97 g/t gold and 0.85 per cent copper;

14.0 m (from 102 m to 116.0 m) of 0.13 g/t gold and 1.06 per cent copper in ARBH-4 and 2.0 m (from 186.0 m to 188.0 m) of 0.52 g/t gold and 2.03 per cent copper.

Results are expected at the end of July from the recently completed drill program by the Sunridge/Antofagasta joint venture at Adi Rassi (see Stockwatch from May 12, 2010), which consisted of four holes totalling 1,243 metres of diamond drilling.

Based on recent detailed geological mapping and sampling, Adi Rassi is now considered to be a potentially large and continuous zone containing significant copper and gold mineralization. Consequently the Antofagasta/Sunridge joint venture has now completed a geological-mapping-and-sampling program of Adi Rassi, and the results show that alteration associated with copper mineralization can be seen at surface in a zone that measures about 80 m wide along a strike length of approximately 500 m. This mineralized zone is associated with a major shear zone that trends northeast for over three kilometres.

During the 1930s, the Italians mined Adi Rassi by excavating 10-metre-to-20-metre-deep pits along the shear zone to mine oxide copper, most of which was focused in the mineralized South Hill zone.

The Adi Rassi copper/gold prospect is located about eight km southeast of Sunridge's 100-per-cent-owned Debarwa high-grade copper/gold VMS deposit. The copper and gold mineralization at the Adi Rassi prospect is associated with quartz veins and breccia zones along a major shear zone that trends northeast and dips steeply to the west. This mineralization is mainly hosted in strongly foliated and distorted altered mafic volcanic tuff and flows.

A quality assurance/quality control program was part of the sampling program on the Adi Rassi copper-gold prospect. This program includes chain-of-custody protocols, as well as systematic submittals of standards, duplicates and blank samples into the flow of samples produced by the sampling.

Samples were prepared at African Horn Testing Services (Eritrea) and analyzed at Genalysis Laboratories (a NATA-registered laboratory) in Perth, Western Australia.

The results of the Adi Rassi copper-gold prospect sampling program have been reviewed by Michael J. Hopley, the qualified person for Sunridge. Mr. Hopley is also the person responsible for preparation of the technical information contained in this news release and is president and chief executive officer of Sunridge.

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