Sunday, August 29, 2010

US Dollar Collapse: WSJ: What's Left in The Fed's Arsenal? TNR.v,,, SGC.v,,, MGN, ASM.v, EPZ.v, BTT.v, GBN.v,

"Finally S&P found about California and US Corp., for Chinese it is the old news already - they are selling US Treasuries and buying Japan and Korean Bonds instead. Small change goes into the Copper, Zinc, Potash and Lithium along the way. Now we have another catalyst for the Gold price, which is silently moving to the all-time-high again. This chart above looks very nasty - Gold smells this trouble - what will happen with the price of goods with unlimited supply? Economy gives no other choice than to Inflate pumping the liquidity by QE, among the casualties will be US Dollar."

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