Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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  "There is only one way to bring Electric Cars in a mass market fashion, beat the Deflation scare and start a new industrial revolution in U.S.: we still have a chance to stay at least on par with China, by making the Electric Car cool. Time for a letter to Steve Jobs.
  There are a lot of predictions about how many people will consider buying an Electric Car. As we have mentioned numerous times, nobody knows for sure about the future for our Next Big Thing, but we think that we know the answer to how to make the adoption rate for Electric Cars much closer to the one of mobile phones or iPads, rather than the one of washing machines. All we need to do is ask Mr. Jobs to make an Electric iCar."

Video: Pickens: Batteries the Future

Airtime: Wed. Aug. 25 2010

Will batteries lead the way in the energy industry? Boone Pickens thinks so. Christopher Helman, of Forbes, and Michael Lew, of Needham, share their views.

"Pickens: I see Oil at 85 USD/barrel by the end of the year.

Solution now is natural gas - ultimate solution for transportation in twenty years time is the Battery.

We need to get out of Oil: we fund the both sides in this war."

Video: Lessons from Gulf Spill
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