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EVs are coming out on our driveways, some of them will prove the technology at its best like Porsche 918 Spyder Plug-in and some like Nissan Leaf and GM Volt will make Electric Cars a new consumer mass market which will drive Lithium Bull market for years to come.

"Electric Cars PR campaign is moving forward and Nissan Leaf and GM Volt launch now is just few months away. Both companies already demonstrate fierce competition and GM Volt has announced 50% increase in its initial production rate "due to increased demand and positive reception of the GM Volt". Recent weather all around the Globe is making its point discussed in the following presentation: Global Warming is the real Trend. China is among mostly exposed to pollution and Oil imports price shock in case of Peak Oil and is moving forward with its Electric Car Revolution:"

International Business Times:

By Manikandan Raman

August 21, 2010

Electric cars charge in as rollouts line up

Electrics cars are about to change the face of auto industry and could rule the auto market in the next 2 years as they reduce carbon emission, pave way for less oil-dependance and save money for consumers amid rising oil prices.

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Tesla electric vehincle

An electric car is powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. The electric motor gets energy from a controller, which regulates the amount of power, based on the driver's use of an accelerator pedal. The electric car uses energy stored in its rechargeable batteries.

Electric vehicles have not been widely adopted due to their limited driving range before needing to be recharged, long recharging times, and a lack of commitment by automakers to make electric cars.

However, as the battery technology improves, one will witness intense competition between car firms in the next two years to launch mainstream low carbon vehicles.

Moreover, one in five motorists would consider buying an electric car, according to a survey conducted by Swinton Insurance.

Electric vehicles could be a boon especially to the U.S., which is tightening environment regulations over carbon emissions and favoring automakers to roll out environment-friendly vehicles.

President Barack Obama has set a goal of getting 1 million plug-in hybrids and electric cars on U.S. roads by 2015.

Electric car usage is expected to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent in U.S., 40 percent in the UK and 19 percent in China.

By the end of the year, at least five electric vehicles ranging from big automakers to ambitious startups are expected to hit U.S. market. Most of these cars will charge in five or six hours on 220-volt home current.

The vehicles include both all-electric as well as plug-in hybrids. The basic difference between standard hybrid and plug-ins are that the batteries of plug-in hybrids can be recharged either by the vehicle's gasoline engine or the electric grid.

A plug-in hybrid's batteries are usually lithium-ion, which are more powerful than a standard hybrid's nickel-metal-hydride batteries, but need to be plugged in for hours to fully charge.

Let's take a look at several upcoming electric cars as well as some plug-in hybrids.

GM's Chevy Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt exhibited at the 2010 Wash...Image via Wikipedia
Chevrolet Volt is a four-seater that runs on both electricity as well as gas. The vehicle runs on an electric charge for up to 40 miles and from then on the gas-powered engine switches on to generate electricity, providing another 300 miles on a full tank.

Chevrolet said it will produce 10,000 Volts by the end of 2011 and an additional 30,000 in 2012. The vehicle is expected to cost $33,500 after savings.

GM will introduce its Chevrolet Volt plug-in car in the U.S. late this year.

Ford's 2012 Focus

2011 Ford Transit Connect ElectricImage by Azure Dynamics via Flickr

Ford will roll out an electric version of the Transit Connect van, and in 2011, it will launch a battery-powered version of the new Focus. As with many other electric vehicles, it is expected to have a 100-mile range on lithium-ion batteries. Ford is conservative with the electric Focus, and it plans to make less than 5,000 units annually in the first year or two.

Ford Electric FocusImage by Dave Pinter via Flickr


RAV4 EVImage by Rainforest Action Network via Flickr

Toyota plans to launch the electric versions of RAV4 SUVs in 2012 with the battery packs of Tesla Motors. Toyota owns about 3 percent of Tesla Motors. The specifications and pricing details of the electric RAV4 are not available.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf at Tokyo Motor Show (RHD).Image via Wikipedia

Nissan LEAF is a medium-size hatchback that comfortably seats five adults and has a range of more than 100 miles per hour. Though Nissan has not revealed the pricing of Leaf, the car is expected to cost around $25, 000 and will be available in late 2010.

Tesla's Model S

Photo of the Tesla Model S, from the unveiling...Image via Wikipedia

Tesla, which currently makes the two-seater $109,000 Roadster, will release its much-awaited Model S, a sporty $50,000 electric sedan, in 2012. The base model will have a range of 160 miles when fully charged, and a 0 to 60 mph acceleration of 5.6 seconds. There will also be larger battery packs available with ranges of 230 and 300 miles.

The Whip LiFe

Wheego Whip all electric car at the 2010 Washi...Image via Wikipedia

Atlanta-based Wheego will ship its two-seater Whip LiFe starting Sept. 1. The vehicle, which has a range of about 100 miles on one charge, is expected to retail for about $35,990, with air conditioning and delivery. Excluding tax incentive of $7,500, the price comes at about $28,490.

Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma PHEV with solar panel roof, s...Image via Wikipedia

Fisker Automotive' plug-in hybrid electric vehicle Karma is scheduled to hit showrooms by the end of the year. The Karma , which starts at $87,900 ($80,400 after US government tax credits), has a 300-mile range with a full battery charge and a full tank of gas. The first 50 miles are electric-only and emission free.

The four-seater Karma plug-in hybrid can go zero to 60 mph in six seconds and has a top speed of 125mph, but it can still achieve an annual average of more than 100mpg and drive tailpipe-emission free.

CODA Sedan

California-based CODA Automotive's CODA Sedan is a four-door, five passenger battery electric vehicle with a range of up to 120 miles per charge. The vehicle is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2010. The list price for the vehicle is $45,000, excluding tax credits.

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