Sunday, September 02, 2012

Gold: The Best Charts and Fundamentals - Prepare For The Fireworks In Junior Miners

  CS. We would like to share with you today the best Charts and articles, which has caught our attention recently - it is the case when the good picture is better than thousand words - some of them are screaming about the best Entry Opportunity in years we are following these markets.

Mineweb: The fundamental attraction of gold and gold stocks - Don Coxe

  "The real drama and Life time Opportunity is in on the chart above - junior miners are coming back from the absolute massacre of the Sector Risk Off trade spiced by Naked Short Selling. You have not seen this level of Entry in at least a few years even with Gold, Silver, Copper and Lithium holding at respectively much higher levels. Not everybody will survive and come back - access to the capital and people behind the companies will be the most crucial at this stage."

Gold and Silver: Breakout Time, Not Bubble Time

Prepare For Fireworks In The Gold And Silver Sector

Gold: First Mover Advantage

Gold Bubble? - Investor's Exposure has not changed much from 2009.

Gold smells every phase of debasing of the currency.

Green Buck is tired of recent levitation - potential reversal bearish head and shoulders pattern with all momentum indicators pointing lower.

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