Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lithium Jolt: Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima Meets Electric Tesla Model S - Wants One

  "Monster" charged with Electric Tesla Model S can produce a big Flash - the guy in the passenger seat next to Nobuhiro Tajima was sweating, holding with both hands and praying! Tesla Model S is a serious piece of automotive technology - Lithium powered rocket on the wheels - and it can handle even Monster despite all its designer look and high tech pleasantries. It is a Real "Normal' Super Car - only better.

"After achieving a record nine career wins at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, renowned racer Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima gets behind the wheel of Model S for a test drive through the hills of Fremont, CA. Speaking briefly of his history in motor sports and why he is such a proponent of EV technology, Monster gives his impression of Model S and his desire to see Tesla succeed.

Lithium Generation: AutoBlog In deep with Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Financials, Falcon doors and the Model S

"Who can tell better tell us about the future and Electric Cars than Elon Musk from Tesla Motors?"

Lithium Generation: Tesla Model S Technology Display in Hong Kong

"While future customers are checking the Tesla Model S in Hong Kong Chinese companies are searching the world for stable supply of Lithium to power the next industrial revolution."

Lithium M&A: Who Will Be Next? Battery demand fuels Rockwood's Talison Lithium buy

"As we have mentioned before, in this mega trend of Energy Transition driven by Peak Oil multiplied by Inflation - it is very important to cut all the noise fueled by Oil lobby and look what people with money and vision are really doing and not only what they are talking about.  China, Japan and Korea are all over the place making investments in Lithium developers for the last few years. There are only few credible companies left now for this consolidation stage and with every next deal the strategic nature of crucial supply of Lithium to fuel the Green Mobility revolution will be more and more apparent. By that time, when general public will be chasing everything with the word Lithium again - it will be the right moment to Sell."

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