Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lithium Generation: Plug In America Automobile Driving Museum National Plug In Day 2012

Lithium Generation: E.V. Parade for 2012 National Plug In Day -- Sarasota, FL

Lithium Generation: EV Owners Celebrate at Plug In Day Across the US

Lithium Generation: No War For Oil Required - Dump The Pump - Join National Plug In Day Today!

 "We will be covering the National Plug In Day across more than 60 cities in US TODAY! Lets make it big this time! Spread the news, donate your tweet for the good cause and send your pictures @Sufiy: 

"As one very wise and honest  person has put it: "How to stop wars and terrorism? - Stop using Oil." We will paraphrase it here: How to Survive? - Stop using Oil - at least for transportation."

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