Sunday, September 30, 2012

Electric Charge: Tesla Model S by Translogic - This Is What Lithium Is For!

  This Is What Lithium Is For! Lithium allows you to make Electric Super Car - Tesla Model S is the best Electric Car on the market  now and Translogic with Bradley Hasemeyer are the best to cover it! This is the right Energy - both the car and report about it - supercharged, focused and No Compromise of being Green. Tesla Model S is the real car, but only better and now it can travel the distance with the unveiled network of Tesla Superchargers.
  History is not made by weeks or months, but every week now new Tesla Model S are coming on the roads to tell the story that the world could be different and you can make that difference. It is not for everyone yet, but Technology is here and mass volume will bring the price for Lithium Batteries down with even  better range and quality and Tesla Generation III for the mass market will be on the roads very soon.

Lithium Jolt: Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger

"Now the Electric Super Car - Tesla Model S can travel the distance. We have the Technology in place. Chargers and Lithium batteries will become better and cheaper allowing for Electric Cars move down to the consumers at mass market level very soon. Green Mobility Revolution is happening now!"

Lithium Generation: No War For Oil Required - Dump The Pump - National Plug In Day!

Lithium Catalyst: Inside Tesla - They Are Coming - Tesla Model S

"Tesla Model S will bring Electric Cars into the headlines again. Responsible Luxury, High-End  performance and Electric Car - it is all represented by Tesla Model S now. The next step will be the real Electric Cars for the mass market. Volume will bring down the cost of the lithium batteries, battery leasing schemes will reduce the entry cost of Electric Car ownership and then we can never look back on the 19th century technology of controlled explosions under the hood burning Oil."

Tesla Model S officially rated at 89 MPGe with 265-mile range

Bloomberg: IPad Boom Strains Lithium Supplies After Prices Triple

"There are a lot of bargains now among Lithium developers after the recent scare in Argentina. Catalyst will come with clear picture from Argentina, Risk On Trade, rise in M&A activity and Tesla Model S, which will start to be delivered to public in the next couple of days."


"Generation III: Bringing EVs to the Mass Market"

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