Sunday, September 09, 2012

Lithium Generation: AutoBlog In deep with Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Financials, Falcon doors and the Model S

  Who can tell better tell us about the future and Electric Cars than Elon Musk from Tesla Motors?

Lithium Blessing from The Pope - His Holiness BENEDICT XVI Goes Electric In Kangoo Z.E.

 Maybe now our prayers will be answered? What would Jesus Drive? Tesla Model S comes to mind...

Lithium Charge: Tesla Model S Performance test drive upfront and personal

"Get Amped! This is how it should be - upfront and personal. Green Mobility Revolution which is happening now. New Personal Freedom developed by the start up and not defined by the corporate rules. Dump The Pump - now you can do it. It is not for everyone yet - it is still too expensive, but it is the beginning. 
  Why Freedom and Electric Cars - what about the cords and plugs? Just have a look from another angle. If tomorrow someone will decide to switch off Oil supply - we are all done, No Alternatives, no mobility, no food, no services. Now think the unthinkable - what if it is your own government? It is very childish, but so many are still missing the point - we are all addicted to Oil, we are hooked on that needle - this is the way to control us.
  With Electric Cars we can seriously start to talk about the distributed energy generation, Solar, Wind - other alternatives. It is the time when the real Energy Security can be achieved for the country and also on the personal level. So all die hard fighters for personal freedom with guns and Drill Baby Drill mantra, maybe it is the time to reconsider - fossils are not only among the fuels."


In deep with Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Financials, Falcon doors and finding faults in the Model S

Tesla Motors Elon Musk spends about half his working life – i.e., almost all of his waking hours – in his office at SpaceX in Los Angeles. The automotive CEO is, after all, also in charge of the rocket company, which means that he's thinking about a lot more than just ramping up production of the Model S. But he is thinking about that a lot, too. More than you might expect.

AutoblogGreen recently got to sit down with Musk at SpaceX for a one-on-one, wide-ranging interview. Musk, comfortable and relaxed in an "Occupy Mars" t-shirt, was forthcoming about most things we asked – but questions about Tesla's upcoming Supercharger network of fast chargers, which can deliver so much more juice per minute than any other plug-in vehicle charger on the market, were deflected, since the company is planning a big announcement at the end of this month or early October – and we got into Tesla's financial situation, why the Model X has those falcon doors and how Daimler saved Tesla. We learned a lot, including that Musk really doesn't like the rear seat access in the Audi Q7. Not one bit.
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