Saturday, September 01, 2012

Lithium Drive: 2012 Chevrolet Volt Review Video by Voxel Group - Garage TV

  The most interesting fact is that the majority of GM Volt drivers are very rarely visiting the gas stations - in this sense it is truly a revolutionary proposition on the market. Electric Car without range anxiety. Better lithium batteries will make the plug in hybrids cheaper and at some point range extending gas engines obsolete, but it is the very important first step in bringing electric cars to the mass market place.

"As we have mentioned before, in this mega trend of Energy Transition driven by Peak Oil multiplied by Inflation - it is very important to cut all the noise fueled by Oil lobby and look what people with money and vision are really doing and not only what they are talking about.  China, Japan and Korea are all over the place making investments in Lithium developers for the last few years. "

Peak Oil: Reporter - The end of the Oil Age

CNBC: Lithium - Big Money Banking on Bull Move in This Metal

"Now CNBC is joining the Bloomberg and Barron's with our Next Big Thing - Electric Cars and strategic commodities to make it happen - Lithium, REE and Graphite. Big players must have been already positioned themselves at the Sector Low and waiting for the general public to wake up with Tesla Model S in the headlines. You still have the luxury of building your own collection with Lithium Juniors, which are in a  depressed state of the mind today."

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