Saturday, September 01, 2012

Lithium Drive: 2012 Ford Focus Electric Test Drive and EV Car Video Review.

  Ford has started with a very low profile launch of its pure Electric Focus - it was more like a compliance car than the proper aggressive mass market proposition. But the recent headlines about major investments in electric cars by Ford make us to reconsider our previous judgement about the real intentions of the company. 

The Wall Street Journal:

Ford Ramps Up Electric-Car Development

Ford said it is investing $135 million to construct an advanced electrification center in Dearborn that will employ 1,000 engineers.
“This rapid growth is going to have a major impact on our development capabilities, said Joe Bakaj, Ford’s vice president of Powertrain Engineering.

The Telegraph: Peak cheap oil is an incontrovertible fact

"Peak Oil is in the headlines again. Greased by the Oil mass media would like you to think that everything could be kept as it is - but it is not true any more. More and more people understand this mega trend and energy transition will the 21st century investment game. Just look what people with money and vision do now, not only what they are talking about."

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