Sunday, June 06, 2010

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"There is a technology to avoid wars for oil which is available today: Electric Cars. We guess that in front of these Apocalypse scenarios Range Anxiety will be finally out of discussion. We still have time to embrace it, but it is running out day by day with every oil drop..."

Nothing is so desperate with Life After Oil this time - you will have plenty to chose from when you will pick up your next Electric Car. We have shown you pictures before - now it is time for Videos:


Drive Electric Cars

Audi e-tron concept electric car

Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle

Renault electric concept cars by

Renault Twizy driven by

Concept BlueZERO: Debut of Mercedes' First Electric Car

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Car

BYD e6 Electric Car, Detroit Auto Show. 01.12.10

Toyota Electric Vehicle Concept Car

Fisker Karma Rolling Footage

Peugeot i0n Electric Car

Citroen C-ZERO Electric Car due 2010

What do the public think of the i-MiEV?

Opel Ampera 2011

Volkswagen electric Milano Taxi concept

New Volvo C30 Electric Car 2010

Coda LaMonica.mpg

All-Aboard The All-Electric Van

Modec in 3 minutes

Korean Willpower? Hyundai Blue Will Concept @ 2010 Detroit Auto Show Video


Kia Ray Plug-In Hybrid Concept @ 2010 Chicago Auto Show - Car and Driver

Fiat 500BEV @ 2010 Detroit Auto Show - NAIAS Video

Exposed: All-electric Tesla Model S

Rinspeed Unveils New Electric Car Concept UC? at Geneva Motor Show 2010

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport - Quick Take - Car and Driver

Venturi Volage at NAIAS 2010

Elkhart Welcomes Electric Car Company Think


Mercedes-Benz - smart ElectricDrive

Citroen Survolt - Official Video

The 2011 Wheego Whip LiFe - all electric car

Proton Emas Hybrid Concept designed by Italdesign Giugiaro

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept is Sensual FIRST LOOK

Mitsubishi PX-Miev @ 2009 Tokyo Auto Show
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