Thursday, July 01, 2010

US Dollar Collapse: SAI - Jeff Gundlach's Complete Guide to U.S. Debt Default TNR.v, CZX.v,, ASM.v, KTN.v, MGN, GBN.v, VTR.v,,,

Dear Deflationists, Please Do Not Mess With The Fed!

US Dollar is tired and its levitation could be well over: it is the only hope for the markets to stay above the water - Bernanke's Helicopters are coming... We are at the crucial technical levels on S&P, DOW and other markets, massive intervention today in FX market blew away US dollar Bearish Flag pattern into crash below MA50, Euro Shorts were burnt alive. Markets need to be popped up by any means now, banking system will not survive a Double Dip.

We are not alone: California is so much closer than Greece, it is 8th largest in the world and it is bankrupt now. What Green Fellow gonna do now? It's destiny is predetermined - and it is to go down.

"CS. It is time for us to sharpen our pencil and put a few lines together about socio-economic events of this week which will have far reaching implications on our way of life. We will speculate on the real events behind the scene on a day of Cyber Meltdown: spectacular Dow Crash by the magnitude of 1000 point in fifteen minutes. We will develop a very strong argument in favour of Inflation and its cost based on PhD Thesis: At what point price of Oil becomes prohibitive to use Helicopters by Ben Bernanke in his open market operations. We will draw some lines on How Lithium, Gold and price of Oil are connected and what it means to be grounded. In the end we will leave you with the question: Where to invest - In Ben Bernanke, Ink Factory, Helicopters, Oil or Gold and Lithium?"


Jeff Gundlach's Complete Guide To The Inevitable American Debt Default
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