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Powered by Lithium: All electric Renault DeZir to take on Audi R8 TNR.v, CZX.v, LI.v, RM.v, WLC.v, CLQ.v, LIT.v, TSLA, AONE, HEV, BYDDY, RNO, NSANY,

The more we have toys like this in the design studios the better: they will lead to the practical EVs on the streets and idea that somebody is spending money during recession on exercises with EV like this is very encouraging. Automakers are giving a very serious consideration to the Electric Cars now.
"In order to bring reality into the recent hype with Tesla IPO, we need EVs on the streets as soon as possible. Tesla's IPO showed that there is an appetite for the sector and nobody would like to miss it, we can be sure that it put Electric Fever on investor's radar screens. How the TSLA stock will behave before Model S will hit the road and company will continue its losses is another matter: we have addressed it in Electric Car Value Chain. In order to talk about EV mass market we need GM Volt and Nissan Leaf to be on the roads later this year. Electric Cars is a geopolitical play - who will be able to get off the Oil needle first China or U.S Corp? Obama knows it and he is pushing for new legislation, Big Oil will strike back for sure and here where people will be able to vote for real with their choice. What will be the adoption rate of EVs: one of Washing Machines or Mobile Phones one with an explosive growth? It will be the key to low profile small lithium development sector. Markets caps are so small that with one Tesla IPO you can get reasonable amount of control in the entire sector in Canada now. We do not think that it is for long any more. With Electric Cars available on the streets Lithium sector will pick up again into the next Bull Leg from recent consolidation stage. Not all wanna be in Lithium will make it and time is to pick the winners during the summer downturn. Scared Fed will help us with Catalyst as well: Helicopters are coming with cash again and markets will be probably saved again to fool investors with nominal returns. Watch the US Dollar for the answers as well."

All electric Renault DeZir to take on Audi R8?

Feast your eyes on Renault’s latest concept car. This absolutely gorgeous all-electric car has, in our opinion, more than a passing resemblance to the beautiful Audi R8. Named the DeZir the French car maker’s latest concept will be one of the stars of the Paris Motor Show in early October.

The DeZir project is the first to have been led by Laurens van den Acker, Renault’s chief designer, and marks the start of a sequence of concept cars that will provide an insight into Renault Design’s new vision for the future. It also lays the foundations for the styling cues of Renault’s forthcoming vehicles.

"DeZir is a statement of our new formal design language which conveys notions such as movement, sensuality and emotion through ideal proportions, in much the same way as an object whose forms have been honed by nature. The result is a warm, stimulating design that says ‘Renault’," explains Axel Breun, Renault’s Director of Concept Car and Show Car Design.

The DeZir is a two-seat coupe, with 21” tyres, and a range of some 100 miles on a single charge. DeZir’s front end features a full-width air-intake which strikes out either side of a large, vertically-positioned Renault logo that proudly displays the car’s brand pedigree. Meanwhile, the chrome finish of the lozenge contrasts with the dark aspect of the grille to express the statement still further. The air scoops situated at the outer extremities of the front air intake are a legacy of Renault’s formal styling language and form an integral part of the air intake’s design, as do the headlights which sit above these scoops.

The basic motor in the car is similar to that used in Renault’s soon-to-be-released range of electric cars (more information), although the engineers have improved both power output and torque, to 110kW (150ch) and 226Nm respectively.

Battery cooling is ensured not only by the air channelled from the front to the back of the car, but also – and above all – by the flow of air that enters through the lateral scoops concealed behind the aluminium panels on either side of the body.

The car also features a Kevlar body, tubular steel frame, energy regeneration system KERS (as seen in Formula 1), and one of the strangest interiors we’ve yet seen.

The Paris Motor Show is a biennial event, usually alternating with the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is held at the Paris Expo between 2-17 October. Let us know your thoughts on Renault’s eye-catching car in the comments box below.

Author: Richard Lawton, July 5, 2010
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