Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tesla IPO +40% - Lithium.Com is Back! TNR.v, CZX.v, RM.v, LI.v, WLC.v, CLQ.v, TSLA, GOOG, RIMM, AAPL, FCX, BHP, RTP, F, GM, GDX, SLV, QQQQ, HAO.v,

Tesla's stock finished the day up more than 40% today in a very ugly markets with NASDAQ down more than 4% during the day. Lithium.Com is back and Electric Cars will be the hot thing in the coming years. There is money and there is appetite for the new sector, now we can prep our Lithium and REE plays to be on the radar screens later in this cycle. Tomorrow's reaction will be the best PR campaign after BP's one with Oil Spill for the whole idea about existing alternative to the Oil in our transportation. Even in stagflation with very low nominal growth there will be Pockets of Growth and money will be chasing it. Tesla can not justify any valuation at this level - the only idea about value is Tesla S model still years away from the market, but it is the new Netscape and nobody would like to miss next Google as well. There was simply no place to invest in electric cars play yet and we can see the result today. Long term value will be in a Value Chain for Electric Car. Lithium and REE will be at the foundation of this disruptive technology.

"Surprise, surprise: 50 million - this number will make Electric cars theNext Big Thing with explosive growth rate. Nobody knows for sure, but it is our big IF - What if people decide that it is Cool to Drive an Electric Car? Please note the place of Asia in this estimation: it is demographic situation multiplied by disruption technology to address the Peak Oil scenario. We have a downside risk as usual: Deflation can still grip its power, but with scared G20 leaders RBS is calling now for QE and run of printing press at unprecedented level sighting "the best paper ever written on Depression" by Mr Bernanke. RBS was spot on the money before the crises (it did not help them anyway) and now we have them backing our case. After all the years betting "against the FED" we are putting our bets on the FED and its final resource. Situation is so bad in the Western banking system and with sovereign debt, that there is no other way than to Inflate our way out of the debt and keep all Insolvent system running preventing collapse. In case that we will not end our lives living in caves we will need to cope with much higher Oil prices and it is even more explosive than Bull market in Gold from 2002: we are talking not about wealth preservation, but about food on the table in five years time. With Oil solidly above 80 USD per barrel our Lithium squad will start its second leg up. European debt scare will pass with new amount of Liquidity pumped into the system: pockets of growth will benefit exponentially with flood of money fighting for the yield. Tesla's IPO brings big players into the sector and news wires into action and ignites Electric Fever. Lithium Rush will be next to follow."
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