Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grant Williams: Gold And Appetite For Distraction MUX TNR.v GDX GLD RGLD ABX GG

  Grant Williams has produced the brilliant and highly recommended piece on the recent geopolitical stage and place of Gold in the modern financial world. As you can see from his chart above this recent party has only started and the new Bull Leg will take Gold much higher. Bears are still out there in mass and it is very good beginning of the new Bull.
  Gold miners have already very impressive gains from December and stronger players are already up sometimes close to 100% like McEwen Mining from the recent low. Smaller juniors are still waiting for their turn and the strong stories will produce spectacular gains again as Rick Rule has discussed recently.

Gold Breaks 1,320: The Mother Of Short Squeeze Has Arrived TNR.v MUX GDX GLD SLV RGLD ABX GG

  "Gold is sending its Happy Valentines to all Gold Bugs today and breaks $1320 on the massive short squeeze. Gold shorts will have their Blood Friday now. The real reason for this move is the realisation of the groundbreaking shift in the structure of the Gold market with the unprecedented demand of 2,181 tons of Gold from China in 2013. Janet Yellen testimony has opened the possibility To Taper The Taper andJames Rickards is calling for the Taper Pause in June. US dollar is going down very close to 80.00 level again. This level will be protected, but should the US Dollar break down below 80.00 Gold and Silver will go vertical towards $1,500 and $25 respectively.
  Our short Squeeze watch includes McEwen Mining and TNR Gold. McEwen Mining had 26.8 million shares sold short or 8.6 days to cover, according to NASDAQ. has rocketed from December low of CAD1.80 to CAD3.27 close yesterday. Gold breakout will push shorts into the corner, but explosive move in Silver will have even more effect on this company.
  TNR Gold is still day dreaming, but move in McEwen Mining should pull out this junior out of its misery. Los Azules Copper development will be next to watch on the back of recent M&A activity in the sector and CRB - commodity index breakout to the upside."

Mauldin Economics:

Grant Williams 

"Nobody really understands gold prices, and I don't pretend to understand them either."

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