Monday, February 10, 2014

Bubble Chronicles: Bitcoin Crashed Down Fast to $500 at Mt. Gox and $102 at BTC-e today.


  Update Feb 12, 2014.


Bitcoin Update: "Your Money May Be 'Tied Up' In Unconfirmed Transactions"

 After all the news about the Mt. Gox and Russia making any transactions with Bitcoin illegal, Bitcoin is crashing fast now with Mt. Gox  quoting below any other exchanges at $530 and Litecoin is down to $15.
  Bitcoin has printed low $500 on Mt Gox and fell as low as $102 at BTC-e today! So much for the crypto-currency reliability as exchange, the "value" of vapour currency can literally evaporate at any moment.
  Time is for Gold to shine again, it does not need any substitutes and is breaking out to the upside today clearing $1270 level.


"MtGox have discovered a critical flaw with Bitcoin, that every exchange is now having to deal with. That fault threatens the functioning of the digital currency."

The Bitcoin bug threatening the web's favourite cryptocurrency.
Mt. Gox Update:

Addressing Transaction Malleability 

FT: Russia Prepares Crackdown On Bitcoin.

Bubble Chronicles: Why Mt. Gox, the World’s First Bitcoin Exchange, is Dying

"Joon Wong has published very good report on the Mt. Gox unfolding situation. You can find more videos related to the mounting problems at that exchange on the link below. Russia has made it illegal now even to own the Bitcoin wallet for its citizens. With other Central Banks mounting its attacks, is it the beginning of the terminal decline of the vapour currency?"

Bitcoin Plunges As Exchange Mt. Gox Pauses All Withdrawals Due To Technical Issues

 "Bitcoin Bubble is getting into the new stage of its development and we will see very soon what kind of technical issues are really holding the withdrawals from Mt. Gox. You can easily find a lot of allegations about the very sloppy service at least concerning withdrawals from this exchange on YouTube.  Meanwhile the crackdown on Bitcoin continues, after China bans Bitcoin from all financial institutions and numerous warnings by the Central Banks, Russia is taking very strong stance against Bitcoin. "Gold 2.0" scam is losing this Financial War in countries, which are accumulating Gold and encouraging its citizens to do the same."

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