Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Arthur Cutten: NYSE Margin Debt - Take It to the Limit, One More Time DIA, SPY, QQQQ

Clive Maund.

  Arthur reports on the latest development with the leverage in the system, as we have noted before - the NYSE margin debt tops are preceding the markets tops. Talking Heads on the Bubble Vision are still talking about the minor correction and that underlying economy is strong. We will see very soon how long Taper can go in this environment.

Clive Maund: Gold Market Update TNR.v, MUX, RGLD, ABX, GG, GDX, GLD

"Clive Maund provides a very comprehensive technical picture on Gold, Gold Miners and general equity markets.  He was spot on the money with his call on Jan 2nd 2014 -  "Broad US Stock Market Update - No New Paradigm - Get Out Now!!" and we highly recommend to study his work. With ongoing sell off in the equity markets and new scare about the emerging markets rising Gold physical demand is the very important indicator to follow now. China has become the top Gold consumer in 2013 and now demand for Gold is picking up all over the world including the U.S."

Rob McEwen: Will Gold Soar on the Dow Drop? MUX, TNR.v, GDX, GLD, SLV

 "Rob McEwen is in demand now about his views on Gold with equity bubble being challenged last few days. Market manipulations can not be run forever and reality will be settling in at some point. This time can be very close now with Durable Goods report out at  - 4.3% (!) in December vs 2.6% in November. Last Jobs Number disaster can be not so "out of range' now as the bubble Media would like us all to think. Gold is at the very important juncture now and decisive move above $1270 will create the short covering fireworks."

Jesse's Cafe Americain:

NYSE Margin Debt - Take It to the Limit, One More Time

This gang of Merry Banksters made a 1929-like policy error, as they did in 2000 for the first crash, and then followed that up by blowing yet another asset bubble in mortgage debt, and crashed it all over again, almost taking down the world financial sysem.

And now they turn around and do it again, this time with financial assets.  Will they keep going until the middle class and the real economy is beaten, like pulp into the ground,. and a few jokers sitting on the top of the financial pyramid own nearly everything?

What are they thinking? Who are these guys, Mortimer and Randolph Duke?

Greenspan and Bernanke: Worst Federal Reserve Policy, ever.

Watch the margin debt story unfold here.

Let's see what happens next.

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