Friday, February 14, 2014

Gold Breaks 1,320: The Mother Of Short Squeeze Has Arrived TNR.v MUX GDX GLD SLV RGLD ABX GG


  Gold is sending its Happy Valentines to all Gold Bugs today and breaks $1320 on the massive short squeeze. Gold shorts will have their Blood Friday now. The real reason for this move is the realisation of the groundbreaking shift in the structure of the Gold market with the unprecedented demand of 2,181 tons of Gold from China in 2013. Janet Yellen testimony has opened the possibility To Taper The Taper and James Rickards is calling for the Taper Pause in June. US dollar is going down very close to 80.00 level again. This level will be protected, but should the US Dollar break down below 80.00 Gold and Silver will go vertical towards $1,500 and $25 respectively.
  Our short Squeeze watch includes McEwen Mining and TNR Gold. McEwen Mining had 26.8 million shares sold short or 8.6 days to cover, according to NASDAQ. has rocketed from December low of CAD1.80 to CAD3.27 close yesterday. Gold breakout will push shorts into the corner, but explosive move in Silver will have even more effect on this company.
  TNR Gold is still day dreaming, but move in McEwen Mining should pull out this junior out of its misery. Los Azules Copper development will be next to watch on the back of recent M&A activity in the sector and CRB - commodity index breakout to the upside.

Infographic: Which Gold Miners Hold The Most Supply (And Who Must Replenish Through M&A) TNR.v, MUX, GLD, GDX

  "ZeroHedge presents Gold Miners Sector and Gold supply chain as we are searching for the answer: where the Gold will come from in the future? A lot of miners are at the break-even levels with this level of Gold price and are cutting back on new project development and exploration. Juniors are cut off from the capital markets and only the strongest will survive. With record amount of Gold flowing from West to the East and China now being the top consumer of Gold we have the almost perfect set up for the much higher Gold prices.
  Junior miners with the best stories can represent the life time buying opportunity in these markets. Goldcorp hostile bid for Osisko is the very good indication of the major bottom in the market.  Among our "Golden Nuggets" McEwen  Mining has received the last permit for its El Gallo 2 mine development in Mexico. Rob McEwen has addressed these developments recently, presenting his progress in Mexico, Argentina and Nevada. He has discussed at length the questions of resource nationalism and miss-guided "rear view mirror" mining sector policies around the world in his recent interview. Safe mining jurisdictions like Alaska in case with TNR Gold Shotgun deposit will gain the more attraction from the industry in the new cycle."

Toby Connor: The Great Inflation Of 2014 - Gold And Silver To Rise TNR.v, MUX, GDX, GLD, SLV

  "Toby Connor provides very interesting technical view on the general markets, Commodities, Gold and Silver. Nobody can find inflation these days and his take on the final rise and bust in the general markets is very intriguing. Our own observations confirm the CRB - Commodities Index breakout and that Gold is knocking on the $1270 with huge break out to the upside after that. Supply and Demand picture provides further support to the technical observations in Gold and Silver markets these days. Where the Gold will come from in the future with China record buying continued? M&A activity will be driving the next Bull market in Gold and Silver miners."

Copper M&A Heating Up: OZ Minerals Gets Approaches on $2.7 Bln Copper Project MUX TNR.v CU GDX

 Copper M&A is heating up and now Australia's largest unmined copper deposit is in play. Rob McEwen should be using this momentum now in the market place and put Los Azules copper deposit on the industry radar screens. TNR Gold and McEwen Mining will be very well positioned for this upturn in the market place. CRB index is breaking out and increasing M&A activity is signalling that the bottom is in place for the resource sector.  Meanwhile McEwen Mining has breaking out to the upside above CAD3.0 with Gold in a breakout mode.

Copper M&A: HudBay Eyes Arizona Copper Deposit With Augusta Offer TNR.v, MUX, HBM, AZC, LCC.v

"Copper M&A is heating up and following Chinese quest for the long term secured supply of Copper Hudbay is bidding for one of the most promising Copper projects in the U.S. Increasing M&A activity confirms that the bottom for the mining stocks is in and industry insiders are looking for the best assets before the general public will drive the prices up.
  Glencore is talking about the higher Copper prices to come and they are not alone in this industry observation. McEwen Mining and TNR Gold will get now more attention to Los Azules copper project, as we have discussed yesterday, and Lumina Copper will be in M&A play as well with its Taca Taca copper deposit in Argentina."

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