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Lithium Drive: Beijing To Fight Air Pollution By Making 40% Of All New Cars Hybrids ILC.v, TNR.v, LIT, RM.v

  Electric Cars will be the logical solution for China's pollution problems. At least with urban mobility electric cars can dramatically improve the air quality very fast. For years critics were pointing out that electricity is produced in China in large percentage by the coal power plants, the latest Party Plenum has taken the clear path towards greener electricity sources: natural gas, nuclear, wind and solar. 
  Now the only thing left out is the reliable technology to put the real electric cars for mass market on the roads. All major electric cars players are already presented in China: Nissan, GM, Ford, Toyota. Home grown BYD is making its way with electric proposition and taking the market of Electric Buses now. Tesla Motors is already selling Model S in China and there are reports that this electric car can be produced in China as well. Kandi with its concept of electric cars for rent from the vending machine is another very important development. We are talking here not only about Beijing and Shanghai, but more than 160 cities in China with population over 1 million people.
  Now China again makes the bold move into the electric space and its lithium batteries and lithium materials industry is making very big progress under the radar screens of general investors. We are following here Ganfeng Lithium and International Lithium and they are getting into the interesting development stage of this cycle now with UK promoting electric cars and China coming back in this high stake technology game with the new force.

Lithium Drive: UK Government commits to electric cars LIT, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v

 "Electric cars are taking the world with one car at a time. Tesla Model S has made them the reality and upcoming mass market electric car from Tesla Motors will make this revolution for real. BMW i3 will challenge the urban mobility status quo this year as well. UK is destined to be the leader in Electric cars with its relatively low average range driving statistics and system of Tesla's Superchargers can do the trick. Elon Musk is the official adviser of the UK government now and we can expect that things will start moving fast in the right direction. Today we have another positive step towards real energy independence and clean air in London.
  China is literally chocking with pollution and electric cars are the obvious solution for urban mobility over there. Lithium developers are out of market favour now, but wait when investors will connect the dots again. Ganfeng Lithium is already the market leader in China in the lithium strategic supply chain and  extending its raw material base with International Lithium strategic partnership. Today's news from UK are putting new perspective to International Lithium 10 million J/V development partnership in Ireland with Ganfeng Lithium. 

"Mr. Kirill Klip stated, "We are working to advance our Blackstairs Lithium project early in 2014 under the ten million dollar joint venture with strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd. ("GFL"). We are also working with GFL on a corporate structure that will enable the companies to move forward on the Mariana lithium-potash brine project in Argentina."

International Lithium: Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium to Raise $81.5 Mln via Private Placement ILC.v, TNR.v, LIT

"Now Ganfeng Lithium has the capital to advance its development programs with International Lithium. Once the tax loss selling will be over International Lithium should enjoy better market perception with further advance of Lithium properties in Ireland, Argentina and Canada. Ganfeng Lithium production facilities development shows China's appetite for strategic commodities for electric revolution in order to make transportation and personal mobility still possible after recent pollution scare."


Beijing To Fight Air Pollution By Making 40% Of All New Cars Hybrids

The air pollution situation in China is serious, and it’s getting worse by the day. In an attempt to get the pendulum to swing back towards “clean,” the government of Beijing and other cities around China are taking steps to make sure that fewer new cars hit the road, and that more of those are “clean” hybrids. You can read more below, in an article that originally appeared on Gas 2.

Beijing to Slash New Car Sales, Demand 40% of Cars be Hybrids

China’s rapid commercial growth has led to almost inconceivable air pollution in its major cities. In the last month alone, high levels of pollution have forced China to all but shut down the northeastern city of Harbin, a major city with a population of nearly 11 million people. In addition to threatening the country’s deadliest polluters with heavy fines and, hilariously, the death penalty, Beijing is taking another step to clean its air: by 2017, a full 40% of new vehicle number plates will be set aside for “new energy” vehicles, effectively acting as a 40% hybrid/electric mandate.
In addition to the “clean car mandate” that I just invented, Beijing will take the somewhat drastic step of cutting the number of new plates it will issue. Beijing will issue only 150,000 new license plates, down from 240,000 each year now. As in the US, all cars must carry plates before they can be driven on public roads.
According to Reuters, new number plate restrictions are already in place in four Chinese cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Guiyang – with plans to restrict number plate sales in eight more cities within the next year. The policy trend has already led carmakers like GM and VW to divert its marketing and sales resources to China’s smaller cities. As long as they can still see the sky, anyway.

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