Monday, January 21, 2013

Powered by LIthium: Tesla Model X revealed at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show

"The new Tesla Model X will be Tesla's third car. Think of it as an AWD 7 passenger Crossover that also happens to be an electric car. The Tesla Model S features some unique design elements like the Falcon Doors (no not gull-winged) and the Frunk. If you don't know what a frunk is just watch this video from the 2013 Detroit Auto Show to check out the newest Tesla vehicle. Just like the Tesla Model S the Model X also features a flat floor, a 17 inch screen and of course thousands of batteries instead of a fuel tank. Check out this exclusive TFLcar car video as we get up close and personal with the Tesla Model X."

  Next Step is Tesla Generation III: Bringing EVs to the Mass Market.


Generation III: Bringing EVs to the Mass Market

John Voelcker: Boeing 787 Batteries Same As Those In Electric Cars? Umm, NO

"John Voelcker sets the record straight in the very noisy talks about the Lithium Batteries and Boeing troubles. Security in any airplane is the paramount concern - we are very surprised to read John's findings. LCO batteries with LiCoO2 chemistry are the most aggressive choice for the battery, when Cobalt has the risk of being easily oxidised with the huge amount of energy released. We will be very surprised if it is the case with Boeing 787 Dreamliner - automakers started to move away from this chemistry long time ago."

Chris Martenson: Peak Oil - The Really, Really Big Picture

"Chris Martenson puts all the noise about the newly found Holly Grail of Fracking into perspective and, as you can guess, we are still all ... (add spice to your liking here)."

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