Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lithium Drive: Electric BMW i3 Interior Design

  BMW i3 is shaping up into the real Electric Bimmer! BMW brand will drive the new wave of electric Cars. Carbon fibre is the new frontier in light weight auto materials, which will bring the necessary Lithium battery capacity and its prices down.

"We're getting closer and closer to the introduction of BMW's electric cars. And the company is taking a decidedly different approach to designing the interior of those vehicles. Recently John McElroy interviewed Benoit Jacob, the head of design of BMWi to point out what the company did with the interior of the i3 electric."

Powered By Lithium: BMW i3 Concept Coupé - Electric Bimmer.

"BMW can make Electric Cars really Fashionable and its use of carbon fibre in order to reduce weight and size of the Lithium Battery could be an interesting approach to Unlock Mass Market for Electric Cars."

"Money Talks in this business world - Talison Lithium will be Taken Out By Chinese Tianqi, in order to Break The Oligopoly in the Lithium market and Secure This Strategic Commodity Supply for the basis of The Next Industrial Revolution. Rockwood Holding has now five business days Right to Match the Offer from China."

Why Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch Brothers Do Not Like Electric Cars Made In USA?

  While we are reading the bashing of Electric Cars from "journalists" still using typewriters and Oil Fuelled Lamps to provide The Guidance, Silicon Valley Heroes like Elon Musk are making The Future. But can they succeed Alone vs Big Oil?"

Lithium Drive: 2014 BMW i3 Coupe Concept at LA Auto Show 2012

"Please meet the Baby Electric BMW i3 - it looks very nice and solid. Actually, it is that rare occasion when the real car looks better then its prototype. The prototype had a "plastic feeling" for us - this one looks like a Real Bimmer.

"It is an Education Time for Electric Cars. Tesla Model S will turn the heads on the street, but we need EV mass market, which can be started with 200 miles Range and the price below $20,000. We are getting there with Every Electric Car on the street - mass volume will bring the prices for Lithium Batteries down."

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