Saturday, January 19, 2013

LIthium Drive: BYD adding to Shenzen's city fleet with 500 e6 electric police cars


  Here we go, we just need time and numbers - Technology is here. Electric Cars will be taking its place on the roads in China in more and more numbers now.

Lithium Catalyst: China charges into electric cars


  "Electric Cars can provide the real solution to mobility problem in densely populated urban areas in China and India. Recent pollution outburst in Beijing leaves no other options, which are commercially viable now. People would like to have the right to mobility and Electric Cars can provide it now."

Lithium to the Rescue - Pollution Levels in Beijing Extremely Hazardous

"Will Electric Cars be recognised now as the rescue and the only viable way forward? When the main questions about the cars will be Not How Far and How Much, But Whether It Is Safe?"

Lithium Rush: The Art Of War In The Markets: China Getting Ready For 5 Million Electric Cars by 2020

"We are talking a lot about the economic benefits of electric cars here, and that they will be the only economically viable solution for our personal  mobility after the Oil Crunch. Unfortunately, there is another side of the oil - nobody is talking enough about, oil kills and not only on the battle fields far away during the "liberation" military occupations, but literally on the streets every day. If this price was seriously accounted among the other considerations about electric cars, we think, that our tipping point for the mass market for electric cars would be already here.

  We all have the right for the Clean Air, but why not on the streets? We do not think that the air quality in Los Angeles is any better than it is in London - all mega cities in the world are killing thousands of their residents by allowing to drive ICE cars slowly day by day."


BYD adding to Shenzen's city fleet with 500 e6 electric police cars

Posted Jan 19th

Chinese electric carmaker BYD has won a contract to supply 500 E6 pure electric police cars to the city of Shenzen, China. For BYD, the deal signifies that the "promotion of BYD new energy vehicles has reached a new height."

The BYD e6 can reach a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour (about 87 miles per hour), if needed in a pursuit. The overall range on a fully charged BYD e6 is 300 km (about 186 miles), which satisfies the Shenzen police department's demands for vehicles that perform daily patrol and law enforcement. It also meets the city's goal of reducing CO2 emissions and pollution in the city, improving the city environment.

Shenzen is getting quite electrified, thanks to BYD. The automaker previously supplied additional e6 models to the city – 300 for taxi service. They've reached an accumulated fleet mileage of over 30 million km (18.6 million miles). In fact, one of these cars has already reached over 250,000 km (155,000 miles). BYD also supplied 200 electric buses which have accumulated over 10 million km (6.2 million miles). Shenzen is planning on adding 500 more BYD e6 electric taxis and 500 BYD electric buses to its public transport system.

Municipal and central government agency fleet acquisitions appear to be a big part of the Chinese government's strategy of meeting its "new energy vehicle" targets, and BYD is playing a leading role in the deployment. China wants to see five million plug-in electric vehicles on its roads by 2020.

BYD has launched the "Zero Down Payment, Zero Costs, Zero Emissions" program in the taxi and bus markets to ease adoption of the new technology. In the private sector, BYD offers the e6 and the dual-mode F3DM electric car. This year, BYD will be launching the F3DM with a second generation dual mode technology – code named "Qin" – to further accelerate its presence in China's private automobile market.

BYD is providing electric vehicles to fleet in other parts of the world. BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu andGreentomatocars, London's second largest minicab service, signed a deal last October to create London's first all-electric minicab fleet. BYD is supplying 49 e6 taxis to the city of Bogota, Colombia. It's the first all-electric taxi fleet in South America."

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